Brain In a Jar Patch

MOD Desc
Reins in the research speeds granted by human brains. Now, it won’t instantly research everything you have in a minute! Also spaces the brains out amongst the tech levels a little bit.

Make sure it’s loaded below (after) Brain in a Jar.

Changes Brain in a Jar
No research required to make, and lowered the recipe, as this is now intended for a lower tier tech
Connects to both the simple and hi-tech research benches, so you mysterious tribal types can benefit
Research Bonus: +2%

Brain Processor
Research made a little bit easier.
Research Bonus: +10%

Dual Brain Processor
Research Bonus: +25%

Quad Brain Processor
Research Bonus: +75%

The Master Brain
Research Bonus: +200%
Puts out as much heat as a heater.

Thanks, TranslucencY, for making Brain in a Jar.

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I purchased RimWorld roughly a year ago during the somewhat early stages of its development. And since then I have sunk hundreds (if not thousands) of hours into it before it was finally brought onto Steam. I did not come from a background of Dwarf Fortress of Prison Architect, nor did I believe that I would be a fan of the methodical and careful harvesting, construction and management that RimWorld’s gameplay prominently features. I bought into RimWorld because I saw my favorite streamer play it, and it seemed different than the masses of shooters and fighting games that I had invested so much time into.

When I first booted up RimWorld, I sat down with a glass of ice water and familiarized myself with its core gameplay mechanics. Each of your villagers is unique, with varying degrees of aptitude in everything from mining to creating artistic masterpieces. Your job as the player is to assign tasks that these villagers will complete based on their intelligent AI system; it is critical that you carefully manage what tasks are prioritized by which villager in order to ensure that your villagers are constantly working to build and improve your colony. However this is balanced by a Mood system that requires that you also manage your villager’s health and recreational levels. That’s the basic rundown of the system but I could go on for hours and hours and hours about the intricacies of the game. What’s important is that you won’t find yourself confused by how the game works at all.

By the time I was wrapping up my first session of RimWorld, I reached over to take a drink from my glass of cold water and realized that all the ice had melted and it was lukewarm. Somehow, nine hours had passed. I was hooked. When a mad boar gored a good man to death, I wept. While my men and women fought with raider scum, I shouted with rage and frustration. And when even in the midst of surviving in a harsh and unforgiving new world, my survivors still found time to find love, I celebrated. There is something beautiful about RimWorld’s complex (yet simple) gameplay. It manages to reach out and grab you, to really make you feel invested in the tiny pixels that mill about on your computer screen. It’s very appropriate that the game’s AI systems are labeled as storytellers, because RimWorld tells a story – your story. How it develops and ends is entirely up to you, and that’s what makes RimWorld so goddamned fun. All you need is a playlist of your favorite music and a nice glass of your favorite refreshment and you’re ready to create a beautiful new world.

Buy this game. If you have even the slightest interest in base building or city building simulations, or have any sort of history in games of those genres you will enjoy RimWorld thoroughly. It’s also incredible how amazing RimWorld’s developers are at building and expanding upon the game. These are people who refused to release the game because they felt like the game ‘needed more features and depth,’ though I can say with certainty that at the time it had plenty of both. These devs are committed to making this game an amazing one, and I’d recommend you get behind it.

Also boomrat infestation ed my best colony, please send help. There’s fire everywhere and my people are dying out I’m gonna go insa-

I spend three hours carefully crafting the perfect set of six psychotic colonists. Two of them died when they crash landed, and another two suffered extreme injuries. Well, I have to make do with what I have now. I begin by finding a nice valley and nudge them to settle in it. Easily defendable, good resources, even some local wildlife to keep them fed. One of the injured colonists dies on his way there. Oh well. I’m not even five minutes into the game, and three of my six colonists are dead. I’m left with my cannibal Chef, cyborg Engineer, and extremely bloodthirsty Mercenary. This should be fun.

Time goes on; they start carving into the mountain and making an underground base. Before long, a visitor from one of the other settlements comes by! Big mistake. The Mercenary immediately sets out for her. She realizes he doesn’t look friendly and tries to run away, but he shoots her in the legs. She helplessly tries to crawl away as he approaches and butchers her. Poor girl. Before long the Chef has come and collected her body and made tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast. Time passes, and they recruit a few more psychos to their group, slowly form a Prison, and start selling organs and slaves to traders. All was well…until a massive flash storm struck in the middle of the night. Too hot and spreading too fast, they were trapped inside their mountain as the fire roared towards them. My entire colony is burning as I sit there and watch them desperately try to extinguish the flames.

*Save and quit to Main Menu*
*New Colony*

I backed this game a little over two years ago. It’s progressed so well since then. The scenario above is just one way to play this game. Do you want to run a psychotic prison colony that sells it’s prisoner’s organs? Or maybe you want to start a small animal ranch and make peace with the surrounding settlements? Perhaps, you just want to be an old miner living the rest of his days deep inside a mountain? It’s completely up to the player how they play.

When creating your colony, you are given the choice (without mods) of three different AI story-tellers and starting scenarios. Each of them chooses how they trigger events differently. Cassandra slowly ramps up the difficulty over time, starting with a crazy squirrel or similar and ending with something like a raid of 20 bandits in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm. It’s interesting. Phoebe is very easy going and tries not to harass you too much while you build up. Randy, however, rolls the dice constantly and is very random with his events. You can go hours without anything happening or five minutes of pure chaos.

After you’ve chosen a storyteller, you create your world and decide where to settle. Each biome and area of the world have different temperatures and growing seasons, and the terrain varies as well. Flat land won’t have much ore or hills, where as Mountainous is filled with both. This step is pretty simple.

Finally, you get to roll your colonists. You can roll them as many times you want until you find a set you like and can start with them. Depending on which scenario you picked, you’ll be given some different colonists that start with different gear and research. From here you start your story, and the rest is up to you.

The legend of Gareth.

Gareth was a rich man, here to start his new life alongside his best friend Olive, a cat. He landed on a strange new planet and quickly established a base in an old ruin, building a farm and beds to ensure the best life for him and Olive.

One day whilst farming Gareth spotted a man in the distance, stumbling across the wasteland. This is how Gordon was introduced to Gareths simple but happy life. Gordon didn’t have many skills, in fact, Gordon had no skills. He was a nudist and a pacifist, allowing Gordon to deal with any threats that may come to Garethville. He took a shine to the Potato patch and spent his days farming away, rarely getting involved in anything other than his crops.

Life went on in Garethville. Olive, Gareth and Gordon lived out many days happily, trading with the locals and establishing their small outpost into something they could love, a home. Things were going well, untill a shadow from Gareths past arrived, Tiffy. Tiffy was Gareth’s ex lover from a his old life, determined to reunite with him. She landed badly, broken and unconcious. Gareth almost left her to bleed out in the rain, and she would have done if not for Gordon. Gordon decided potatoes were not enough for him, and with his sweaty naked body he carried Tiffy back to Garethville.

Tiffy spent many days recovering, while being tended to by Gordon. Gareth stayed out the way, not wanting to confront his past. He instead occupied his time with the incresed bandits in the area. After a raid, Gareth noticed movement in the corpses. A peg legged man with a mohawk, lay unconcious and bleeding from the multiple gunshot wounds Gareth had just inflicted upon him. Taking pity on the man, Gareth brought him home to Garethville, placing him in the medical ward alongside Tiffy.

Everything was gong well, Tiffy was recovering, and the man (whom Gareth had named Peggo) seemed to be getting better. In the end however, it would be Gordon, the nudist pacifist that undid everything Gareth had worked so hard to accomplish.

An illness came in the night and took Peggy, causing Gareths crazy ex to eat his corpse as Gordon was late with breakfast. This sent Tiffy even crazier and she started to knock down the door. Not wanting anything to do with violence or fixing the mess he had caused by bringing her here, Gordon went back to tending his crops.

As Gareth was deciding how to deal with the situation another bandit raid attacked. Four of them this time, more than Gareth had ever faced alone. Gareth decided to deal with Tiffy first, kicking down the door and attempting to knock her out with his bullets. Unfortunately she didnt survive the fight, what a shame. Gareth made his way past the crops and the ever useless Gordon to fight the bandits alone. The battle was long and Gareth held his own, killing 3 of them. The fourth got a lucky shot, curving round the side of his cover. Gareth fell, knocked out but alive, bleeding in the dirt he had worked so hard to defend.

Gordon didnt care, Gordon wouldnt fight. Gordon just wanted to look after the potatoes. He watched from a distance as Gareth was carried from his home over the shoulder of a raider, never to been seen again.

Moral of the story. Never trust nudists.

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