Expanded Woodworking for Vegetable Garden Project

MOD Desc
Safe to add to existing save games within 1.0/1.1. Let me know if any problems in 1.2.

An upgrade to Qwynn’s Expanded Woodworking which is an alpha version fork of ItchyFlea’s Extended Woodworking. This extends the functionality to Vegetable Garden similarly to Qwynn’s Expanded Woodworking for Vegetable Garden[ludeon.com] did in a past alpha version.

Current and previous versions may be found here.[github.com]

Ludeon Studios forum thread[ludeon.com]

Requires Expanded Woodworking and VGP Vegetable Garden to be loaded before this.


  • Trees have their own unique wood.
  • Every wood type has a corresponding lumber!
  • Process logs into lumber at the woodworking table!
  • Lumber is used in both construction and in crafting.
  • Supports any starting scenario through using the crafting spot.
  • Raw logs are used as fuel!
  • Realistic wood colours!
  • Fluffy’s Mod Manager support!
  • Seamless functionality with trees, fruit trees, and bamboo introduced by Vegetable Garden!

Compatibility Expanded Woodworking for Vegetable Garden Project overwrites the following Vegetable Garden Project definitions and may conflict with any other mods which also edits these:

  • Ironwood and bamboo resources

Patches edit the following Vegetable Garden Project definitions:

  • Fruit trees from Vegetable Garden
  • Trees from Xtra Trees and Flowers
  • Compost starter
  • Drinks table
  • Ironwood floor
  • Loom


  • ItchyFlea – For the original mod!
  • Qwynn – For the original Expanded Woodworking for Vegetable Garden!
  • dismar – For Vegetable Garden and the additions added by it!

Issues If you want all the fancy new flooring, you’ll need Fluffy’s Stuffed Floors. Put it in the load order somewhere after this mod.

If you find any bugs or vanilla wood items which are not properly stuffed (capable of being built with all lumber types), please let me know! Please read this guide before creating a bug report, and then create a bug report here[github.com]

Steam workshop folder: 1083959631

License [creativecommons.org]

I will be reaching 100 hours played soon so i thought i should go ahead and give my review.

Rimworld is one of the greatest games i have ever played and will be the template,or always be the comparison for the upcoming Colony Simulators.The amount of detail and depth put into the game is overall impressive,you forge a emotional attachment to your colonist and colony as you learn and build.

I do believe that this is not a game for everybody,most new players consider it overwhelming,but i assure you its simple.My roomate who does not play video games at all has gotten into the game,watches me play and has created their own colony.The game is very similar to Prison Architect,but on a much more massive scale,instead of building for profit you are building for survival.

Rimworld randomizes esentially everything,your starting colonist,their quirks and the map that it generates along with the story teller.The Story Teller is very interesting and tries to fit all different playstyles/difficulty

Theres a Story Teller that makes it more of a BUILDING game,theres still dangers but you get alot of time in betweeen events to build.Another Story Teller gets progressivly more and more difficult as you buld and become more wealthy.Lastly,the ‘random randy’Story Telller,anything can happen at anytime,no matter what you have or are currently going through,you’re at the mercy of Randy.

The Story Tellers generate a ‘story’as you play,this is done by having random events or introducing new colonist,that may have ties to existing colonist.Colonist are able to fight,marry,form freindships and make enemies or ‘RIVALS’
Always changing your colonies ‘story’and never truely being the same.

I would like to share my first Rimworld colony story,teh story of man named Grunt:

My current colony has now been ongoing for 60 hours realtime,i believe that Ealry Access Colony Sims are now the new Early Access Survial Games,and Rimwold will always be held in the highest regard

i cannot even begin to list the amount of things possible in this game,you can be a Intergalactic Yayo producer and salesmen,or you can even harvest Humans/Organs and be Slave/Organ trader,Ontop of all of this is the Steam Workshop support.Anything is possible in this game!

It is fully worth the $30 price,this is coming form somebody who has bought 3 copies of the game now at full price.

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