Nopower Comms Simplified

MOD Desc
Communicate with other factions via Bird Post.

‘Well technicly you are using animals to power your stuff’

A simplified version of [sd] nopower comms console (no glow crystals).
Since original author stated that they are not doing anymore updates for Rimworld mods, I decided to upload and provide updates for this version of the mod publicly.

– adds 1 message table (comms console)
– adds 1 bird cage (needs food to feed the bird, powers comms console literaly)
– adds 1 trade marker (orbital trade beacon that is fueled by wood)
– adds 1 medieval research project (all buildings in this mod needs this as prerequisite)

The code has been reworked. This mod has build-in support for
VGP Vegetable Garden (bird cage will be able to use silage as fuel);
Map Wide Orbital Trade Beacon.

There are several different textures for the trademarkers and bird cage. You can switch between them by rotating your buildling.

(To be correct the message table needs 1 power and the bird cage produces one. It is a bit of a workaround. You can totaly abuse but it is your game, so do to your liking. I just wanted a comms console, which fits with low tech/no gun runs)

Original author: sulusdacor
GitHub version:
FAQ 1. Are there any hard incompatibilities?
No, this is a rather simple mod that basically creates a variation of Vanilla’s comms console.

2. Can this mod be added/removed from existing games?
Yes, but if you want to remove it from the game then I would recommend to destroy all message tables/bird cages/trade markers, that this mod introduces, before you do that.

3. Why did you remove glow crystals and trade markers that were using them?
Because I found them to overshine orbital trade beacons. Glow crystal trader markers provided lighting and required no power/fuel to upkeep. This version of the mod just adds a simple comms console for simple tribal needs.

Rimworld, the game of a thousand stories… of death that is.
This game deserves its price tag, let me explain why.
1. 200+ Hours of content, not counting mods.
2. Very high replayability.
3. Huge modding community.
4. Great game, only in beta. (a.k.a, still being updated)
5. Alot of difficulty settings (For casual gamers and people who like a challange)
6. Art style fits the game really well.
7. Detailed colony builder.
8. Lots of management options and choices.
But there are a few downsides…
1. Huuuuuge learning curve, takes a few hours to learn how to play properly.
2. Stressful to manually put mods in non-crashing order.
The better things easily outweight the negatives, especially because only 1 of the negatives are for vinilla play. If you love building and management/simulation games, get it now. It is worth it 100%.

To start off, this game is awesome.
There are however some things worth mentioning :
1) For starters this game has a huge learning curve, you will probably need to watch a tutorial before you fully get immersed and by immersed I MEAN immersed you can be put to tears when your favorite colonie member dies and so on.
2) Sometimes things can really feel like bs/ a chore, but most of that is ignorable and with mods it can be fixed(I know this isnt an excuse but still).
3) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT NOTE ===> Thing that are shown in the trailer are insurvivable, for example if your whole base is on FIRE and its a 7v7 collonists vs mechanoids you are NOT going to survive i REPEAT you WONT LIVE.

appart from all this I would recommend this game to anyone who seems even a little bit intrested in this game and besides if you dont like it you can refund it.

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