Story Framework – Missions & Objectives for your mod!

MOD Desc
Story Framework – A framework for creating custom storylines
This can be safely added to existing games and should be loaded as close to Core as possible.

This modding tool allows you to create custom missions with objectives purely in xml.
No C# needed, however you can still make your own Objective classes if you need to!
Make sure to share your mod in the discussion page if you use this framework!

Main features:
* Missions with various Objectives
* A scenpart to manage missions on scenario-start
* A custom Incidentworker which allows easy xml-created custom incidents
* And much more which will be explained thoroughly.

More info and guides can be found on the wiki:

Feel free to check out the showcase mod to see what this framework has to offer!

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  • Update 1.2.1Changes/Additions:- ‘arriveMode’ renamed to ‘raidArriveMode’ in IncidentProperties- ‘raidStrategy’ added to IncidentProperties, use the defName of any RaidStrategyDef, default is ‘ImmediateAttack’- Plants now can be dependant on an objective just like Buildings and Items, use the same MissionThingDef as the def type- ‘MissionThingDef’ now has a ‘unlockOnObjective’ field which is a list of objectives that need to *start* first for this Item/Building/Plant to be available- ‘MissionDefs’ now have a ‘modIdentifier’ field, this locks missions unless the referenced mod is active- Repeatable missions now have a custom iconFixes:- Missions should properly repeat now- Floors shouldn’t cause issues with missions anymore- Repeatable missions won’t cause error spam when opening the ‘Missions’ tabMore info on the wiki:
  • No worries!Hmm.. I’m stuck again, I’m trying to use the ‘Raid’ tale with the mission objective being to fend them off. The problem I’m running into is the raid tale could spawn Tribals or it could spawn other things, not to mention modded raids, meaning the objective target list would have to contain all possible ‘human’ PawnKindDefs and any modded one’s would also have to be manually added to be compatible.I tried limiting the potential spawns by using but that throws an error as well.. Any advice? 😀
  • First:When making a custom incidentProperty you can’t define the incident with a tale, the tale is to tell the game how the event.IncidentProperties can use some types, of which only ‘CustomWorker’ allows raids currently.You can then add a vanilla raid incidentworker and the only thing you can change about that are the points with ‘pointMultiplier’ or ‘pointsOverride’.You can not make a custom spawnList, as it only spawns items with potentialy a skyfaller.Second:Just ‘Human’ won’t work in the incident either.Third:-I will look into hideOnComplete, odd.- Skyfallers only work with the ‘Skyfaller’ Incident Type.Not sure why it doesn’t spawn anything at all though.Please also provide the xml, it might help me see the issue easier.
  • I am not sure if that is too specific to be applied in a general system. So far there is no objective of simply getting a skilled pawn, it’s more having a skilled pawn to do a objective, and the only objective types that support this are ‘Research’ and ‘Examine’.Also the condition ‘on his next operation’ is tricky, generally custom conditions are tricky to do and require a lot of detail as you can see in the ‘IncidentProperties’ part.Once I have more time I will look into expanding the fields. But currently such cannot be achieved with this.However, you could do an ‘Examine’ objective that uses a pawn as a target and then run the vanilla inspiration incidentworker, if there is one, I would assume there is, on completion of that objective.

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