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Now updated to Rimworld 1.2

As the game continues to progress and potentially adds more art, this hacky graphics replacer will possibly start to break, but for those of you who enjoy this mod, I’ll continue to enable its use on the latest versions. Cheers!


Now updated to Rimworld 1.1

Hey! If anyone would like to turn this into a race mod, or update it to 1.1, go right ahead! I have no objections to you using my art or files – and you don’t even need to credit me. I look forward to your efforts!


A graphics replacer that turns all pawns into rose colored kobolds, with cute lil snouts and tails.
This is only a texture mod, and does not change pawn behavior or require Humanoid Alien Races.

Changelog: Updated to work with Rimworld version 1.1

Changelog: No changes other than updating that magic line that lets the mod work with 1.0. I still haven’t looked at converting this mod to a humanoid alien races mod, as playing with more than one race at a time doesn’t really interest me – but making a conversion for that from this seems to be something a lot of people want, so I will try to find time to learn that system and look into it.

Changelog: 0.3
Edited apparel so hats now accomodate horns, and tails are visible when pawns face north.

Changelog: 0.2
Added horns and ears
Added hair compatible with horns and ears
Changed skin colors from blue and gray to shades of purple and rose
Redrew art so the mod no longer uses files edited from [CP] Detailed Body Textures II by Chicken Plucker and [L]MangaFace by Vaniat and lolidrop

Current issues:
Skin colors aren’t as varied as I’d like (need to learn how to change default skin colors)
Hope you like kobolds with human hair. (Just give them all hats if it bothers you)
Hair and helmet width gets stretched by the game, spoiling the masking effect for horns. (Need to find a way to stop this stretching, if possible.)

While it might not be the deepest ‘Dwarf Fortress-like’ game out their, RimWorld hits an excellent balance between complexity and user friendliness, creating a DF experience accessible to the average PC gamer. If you have ever wanted to try out DF, but found the minimalist art, hotkey heavy interface and staggering complexity overwhelming, RimWorld might just allow you to get a feel for just how fun and engrossing this subgenre can be without blocking progress behind a learning curve like a brick wall.

That might seem like a backhanded compliment, but trust me, I LOVE this game and strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to try their hand at a survival base building sim where losing can be as darkly entertaining as pulling off the perfect colony!

Just one piece of advise. After you have played one or two times with the vanilla game, download a mod that will let you customize your starting party. It will save you time rerolling survivors till you get people who actually have all the skills you want… and look at least a bit like you and your buddies for when you try and see how well your friend group would do trying to survive on an alien world.

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