Praise the Emperor!

MOD Desc
Adds Warhammer themed religions to go with Religions of Rimworld mod. Two current religions are the Imperium and a catch-all Chaos religion.

This mod is intended to go with a W40k themed game and requires the Religions mod. It’s lightweight due to the next Religions mod update being a complete overhaul of the system that will subsequently make this mod obsolete until I update it.

UPDATE: As of Religions of Rimworld 2.0, this mod is defunct. It will eventually be updated to fit within Religions of Rimworld 2.0.

Over 90 hours in the first week alone. I’m hooked. The ability to create each game with the story you want and the ability to build towns and colonies your own way and as defensible as your tactical ability allows. I still remember how excited I was when my first set of colonists decided to get married. I made a flowery garden for them and everything! Then there’s also the sadness when a relationshi[p is unable to endure the rigors of survival and they must go on their separate ways, even to the point of letting themselves die from depression. So far this is my favorite game of 2016 and it’s not even out of EA yet! I will update this review to reflect the changes as it moves out of EA access into a full fledged game.

Update Alpha 17 and the game just keeps getting more awesome. The ability to travel around an entire globe, transport pods, and so much more. Up to 520 hours on the game. Can’t wait to see what the next update will bring.

Update Full release! Game is totally awesome. Up to 733 hours. I love all the improvements that made it into the final game and the fact the mod community is totally behind this game just makes it that much better. If you love city-building, survival, or even just being a roving tribe of raiders, this game has everything you could want.

As you can see from my hours played, I kinda like this game……..

Best $35 I have ever spent in gaming. Straight up. Your game can be whatever you want it to be–a peaceful cabin in the forest with a cute garden, a medieval castle, a massive colony of cyborgs with hive-like efficiency, an organ harvesting farm, a nudist village, a smokeleaf farm, a zoo… if you can think it up, you can act it out in this game, especially with all the incredible (and free!) mods available. You choose a ‘storyteller’–basically the specific AI ‘personality’ that chooses what events to send your way next–but you can also manually turn certain events on and off in dev mode if you want a certain experience. The graphics are adorable, the music is soothing, and the storyteller is, at times, a downright comedian.

A bit of a learning curve at first, I remember feeling overwhelmed the first time I played, but it is fairly intuitive to figure out–although I am still learning tricks/tips/features I didn’t know about before, even 700 hours into the game–and you will soon fall into the throes of addiction. Love it so much I am going to start doing game giveaways to my twitch community every so often bc more people need to experience the chaos that is life on the Rim.

Thanks Tynan!

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