[A17] Reinstallable Drill

MOD Desc
B18 Edition


(This mod has no requirements)

Makes the Deep drill reinstallable/uninstallable.

Short Version – Challenging colony builder only made more fun with mods.

Slightly longer version – Very challenging in the early game if you play from the bottom of the tech tree, even the smallest of things can doom your colony: disease, an untimely raid or bad harvest. But if you can prevail over this you’ll be able to expand and eventually escape the planet.
I guess the end game of escaping the planet is a little boring but one can simply treat the game as an open-ended colony builder and establish more colonies from scratch with support from the mother colony.

Mod support for this game is amazing lots of varied mods to increase difficulty, add weapons/defences, other races ect the inclusion of these gives the game a whole other dimension and some quality of life improvements (ie. creation of bulk meals).

The UI is clean, you can control most of the functionality of the colony with not many clicks, setting up areas of responsibility, equipment policies, work priorities and shifts. My only real complaint about the UI is microing multiple colonists or being able to check their skills at a glance without having to click through or remember who is who when you have a large colony (ie. >10).

Overall highly recommended for those looking for a hybrid colony survival simulator that offers an open-ended, challenging experience and sometimes hilariously dark.

After playing heavily through A6-A7, I thought I was done with this game back in A8. The Steam release proved me wrong. I sat down to play the new (A14) build at about 10pm a few nights ago. When I got up to get a drink of water at 7am… well, it was 7am.

A bandit named Sven attacked our settlement one day. My sniper shot his leg off. We gave him decent medical care and a nice bedroom to recover in – but did not replace his leg, just in case he got uppity and decided to try to escape. Took a year to convince him to join the colony. We didn’t know how to make good prosthetics yet, so we installed a peg leg just to let him walk again (at 60% speed, after a year of bed rest).

A few days later, while Sven was out mining steel to upgrade our A/C system so people could survive a >55C heat wave, a rat went berserk and injured his good leg – reducing his walking speed to basically nothing. As he hobbled home under a load of steel after killing the rat, a group of pirates (from Sven’s original clan) attacked. He didn’t stand a chance – but he distracted them long enough that the rest of the colony could form up and repulse the invaders.

The doctor who had cared for Sven for a year, eventually convincing him to join the team, and who installed that peg leg died of heat stroke the following day.

9.5/10 – Minus half a point because I’m still tired from the other night.

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