Spidercamp’s Dog Pack

MOD Desc
Includes all Spidercamp dog releases. Will be updated with additional breeds as they are released.

Features (vary per breed): Advanced trainability
Cold-hardy breeds
Larger breeds can be used to carry weight in caravans
Some breeds have strong melee to assist with protection and hunting

Included Breeds: Afghan Hound
Border Collie
Bull Mastiff
Bull Terrier
Caucasian Shepherd
Chow Chow
Golden Retriever
Old English Sheepdog
Saint Bernard
Standard Poodle
Miniature Schnauzer
Miniature Dachshund
Welsh Corgi

Additional Features: Animals Are Fun
The best part about owning dogs is hanging out with them. Revolus has made a mod that lets your colonists reap the rewards of pet ownership including:
-Playing fetch
-Going on bff walks
-Gaining animal handling skill the more they hang out with their 4 legged pals

Animals sleep in bed
Revolus claps back at loneliness and discomfort with this mod which lets dogs sleep in beds just like they deserve.

Dogs Mate
As if the first two weren’t enough, Revolus hits us with a third instant classic which lets different dog breeds breed and have puppies. The liters will be half mom’s breed, half dad’s breed.

A Dog Said Patch, kindly made by @Cypress (I haven’t tested this functionality in a few releases. If it’s broken and someone wants to fix it, I’ll happily take your fixes and upload here.)

Use as battle mount or as a mount in caravans – Giddy-Up by roolo:
Giddy-Up Core
Giddy-Up Combat
Giddy-Up Caravan


If you subscribe to this release you don’t need to subscribe to the individual breed releases. If you were previously using the individual breed mods, you can substitute this one in to a current save and disable the individual subscriptions.

For instance – You have the following enabled:
Golden Retriver

You subscribe to Spidercamp’s Dog Pack.

You disable
Golden Retriver

You enable
Spidercamp’s Dog Pack

If you encounter any bugs:

Please note – this mod is about as close to the vanilla game as you can get. Many of the bugs reported in the comments cannot be recreated when using vanilla + this mod only. Before commenting about a bug, please test with only this mod enabled and see if you’re able to recreate. Any bugs that exist in the vanilla version will carry over to this mod.

B18 version available here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eb11z2nnebknko5/AAB3Quyx8V11DPv_OlF4s1wTa?dl=0
B19 version available here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ck625r0tl4cmcuo/AAD_rcm_WSlJYR_rKND_azJXa?dl=0

  • IRL bull mastiffs really can have 9 pups. I tried to keep the dogs as realistic to life as possible. Each breed has the litter curve set to mimic real life litter chances. I agree. I really want to include mod settings where you can disable breeds you don’t want – but I don’t have the skillset required to do that yet. In the beginning I was uploading them seprately but after I had 4 or 5 out there it’s just way too much to maintain. I did go in and make a custom border collie one for you. You can download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ixd73b25c5e34f7/AADvS1X5G5TNff__W4vwQTK4a?dl=0 Let me know if you have any issues with it – but you should be able to paste it in the following directory and have it load into your modlist without issue.C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonRimWorldMods
  • Updates are easier, as users don’t have to go hunt down the new version and re-subscribe (also keeps your ratings, comments, sub count, etc), but tends to freeze out the laggards in the adoption cycle (people like to finish a save before fully diving into the update, don’t like the new features, those kinds of things).New items give you new sub counts if you’re looking to keep metrics on your mods, clear out your comments section, reset you posted date, inflate your number of workshop items, or be super generous to the people holding off on updateing.My solution (for snowy trees and camping stuff anyway) is to keep a GitHub release archive- auto updates for adopters, point of access for non-steam users, and anybody deadest on going through the effort of staying on an old version can go through the effort to pull down the older version of the mod.
  • 12,000 people – Holy hell. That is probably more people than I’ll ever even meet in my whole life. I’ve been in hibernation the past few months but I’m thinking it’s about time for another update.I agree, dogs are overpowered. But I was so sad every time they got out-chomped… I really didn’t take the time to balance them properly when I first released them. On that note…Next Release:-Rebalanced strength (I’m researching actual bite psi per breed and how it compares to other animals such as bears/wolves/etc.)-Mod options to enable/disable breeds (just incase you really hate adorable things)-Between 10 and 20 NEW DOGGOS. This is going to depend on if I get distracted making horse armor to work with ‘s amazing Animal Gear mod. As always, thanks for your feedback and for subscribing!
  • Great mod, the artwork fits right in with the style of the game, good job. Please keep adding more breeds of dogs. Personally, I would love to see a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Secondly, if you (or someone else) could add a tab that makes the dog follow the owner around durring its normal daily tasks. Kind of like what the animal does when the owner goes out to tame another animal, but used for ‘normal’ tasks. Something that makes the dog sits/lays down next to the owner while they are slaving away at the tailoring bench for example. This would give the owner a small happyness/joy boost while working. At the same time, it does not follow me out into a fight. Maybe even sits next to the owner begging for food while they are eating a meal, that would be comical as well.

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