FireFoam Mortar [A17][DISCONTINUED]

MOD Desc
This mod will not be getting an update to B18 or onword! Thanks for the support! Since the devs reworked the morter mechanics and officially added the ‘Firefoam shell’ item in the game, this mod will be discontinued, so no update for B18.
Thanks again for all the suggestions and bug reports in the comments!!

This mod adds… A mortar that shoots firefoam shell that can extinguish fire!!(eventually)

Note that… Both ‘Mortar’ and ‘Firefoam’ needs to be researched in order to use a firefoam mortar.
The firefoam mortar’s accuracy is improved to 10.(other mortars are 11)
Also, the cooldown is reduced to 15sec.
The cost for constructing a firefoam mortar is increased compared to the other mortars.
If you order a colonist to man a firefoam mortar while there is enemy in the map,
and you haven’t set the ‘forced attack’ mode, then the colonist will aim the firefoam mortar at the enemy.

This mod should work with an existing save file.
If there is any bug, question, or suggestion, feel free to comment.

My other mods ‘Accurate Mortars’ – Makes all of the vanilla mortars more fast and accurate.

‘Accurate Mortars Lite’ – The same mod above. But without the cooldown reduction.

This game is nearly perfect refined version of the genre. If you like city building and management games like Dwarf Fortress, Gnomoria, or SimCity. You will love Rimworld, and play it a ton. The setting is unique for this type of game and it really works well. Your trying to survive and get off a crummy planet. The UI solves many of the problems with Dwarf Fortress. It has a great tutorial system to help you learn the game as you go. It is much more polished than Gnomoria and it fleshed out the mechanics.

The games core game play loop is fun, progresses, and finally ends in a satisfying way. There are set backs, chaos, and tragedy. I have 80 hours in the first week of play. I have nearly finished my first play through (Pheobe, Medium, Temp Forest), and am already planning out my next play through (Cassandra, Brutal, Arid).

The mechanics are funny, and entertaining. I have great memories of the first time I wiped out and enemy camp, and nearly lost several of my best shooters, and brought them back from near death with glitter world meds, and a last second save by the doc. I halariously dropped a anti-grain shell on the next camp, 12 dead and rest fleed immediately. Shot three more as they ran. I love wounding enemys, capturing them, patching them back up and getting more colonist.

This game is a masterpiece.

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