No Burny (less flammable metals)

MOD Desc
Metal items and buildings are much less flammable. Not fully inert so you can’t completely ignore fires. Also removes flammability of jade.
Made mostly to practise xpath patching.

Flammabilities altered:
Silver: 20% -> 5%
Gold: 20% -> 5%
Steel: 20% -> 2%
Plasteel: 10% -> 1% (1.0 only – removed for 1.1 after the vanilla change to 0%)

Wood: 100%
Uranium: 0%
Stone: 0%

I mod for free, but if you want to you can buy me a cuppa on Ko-fi[] to fuel my tea addiction and give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

This game… hours of game time into a colony. Pretty well established, doing well and have a solid core of colonists. Send out my double exp shooter with 16 skill shooting to hunt a donkey. No problem right? Obviously I’m not paying attention to my high skilled shooter hunting a donkey as that should be an easy kill. The donkey takes a bullet to the torso and charges at my colonist. In melee range my shooter is apparently toast as the donkey uses his razor sharp fangs to shred the leg off of my colonist. Unexpected. I send out another colonist, average fighter, to take care of the donkey as the donkey is bleeding out and shouldn’t last much longer. Wrong. Donkey notches another strike on his belt as he takes down the second colonist. Okay whatever, send out my commander who has insane melee skill, full steel plate armor and a warhammer. He takes a cut or two but easily dispatches the donkey. I send my Doctor and my 5th and final colonist out to carry our wounded comrades back to the sick bay. Doctor loses his mind as he ate some raw meat and shanks the 5th colonist to death. The two donkey casualties are quickly bleeding out. The doctor just murdered a guy, things are turning for the worst. Ask my commander, to grab a downed buddy, he is slowly bleeding and weighed down by armor. He collapses seconds away from the med bay. The doctor is the only colonist up still and he is running around looking for another victim to murder. Wasted hours of my time for a donkey to destroy my advanced colony. 10/10 would recommend.

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