[1.0] Hardcore Armors

MOD Desc
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Ever wish you had access to something stronger and cooler looking than the default power armor? Late game raids on higher difficulties can get quite massive, and sometimes the regular old vanilla armor just doesn’t cut it. This small mod adds two vanilla friendly advanced power armor sets; the Hellfire and Goliath battlearmor. Protect your colony with this very powerful glitterworld power armor. — This armor set is mainly designed to absorb projectiles in a tanking fashion, but it will also handle explosions and melee attacks quite well. When the integrated force field goes down, the armor will hold up better than the regular power armor. If the wielder gets taken out, there is a higher chance he or she will be knocked down, rather than killed.

Hellfire / Goliath battlearmor:
Advanced glitterworld battlearmor capable of absorbing tremendous punishment. Usually worn by hardened veterans and ex-convicts on urbworld frontlines. Comes with an integrated forcefield and exoskeleton which provide additional defense and agility.

Stats (normal quality):
– 1000 hp
– 140% Sharp armor rating.
– 65% Blunt armor rating.
– 60% Heat armor rating.
– 100 Force field power.
– 10% Movement speed.
– High resistance to heat and cold.
– Moderate reduction to work speed.
– Costs 130 plasteel, 8 advanced components and 20 Uranium.
– Can be used by both ranged and melee !

Hellfire / Goliath power helmet:
Advanced power armor helmet used in conjunction with the hellfire / goliath battlearmor. Mainly used by heavy frontline troops, usually on urbworlds.

Stats (normal quality):
– 350 hp
– 140% Sharp armor rating.
– 65% Blunt armor rating.
– 10% movement speed.
– Costs 80 plasteel, 2 advanced components and 5 Uranium.

Additional info: – You should only make this armor with a high level crafter/smith to maximize chances of getting a high quality result!

Hope you like it, and feel free to comment and give feedback !

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hi captinjoehenry. oh boy, its been a while since i’ve looked at those files, but if i remember correctly, I think you have to use most of the c# code for the belt to make it work correctly. Now, if you want to use this mod as a base, you can probably use the same thingclass in the xml file and then make whatever you want from that.

I just had a quick question about the armor’s shields. If the shields are still up will they absorb all damage until depleted, or only some damage but not all. Because I feel like there are times when an attacker’s melee attack goes through the shield instead of being absorbed by it and just depleting the shield. TL;DR What is the reliability of the armor’s shields for which types of damage? Any information would b e greatly appreciated! Thank you for this amazing mod!

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