Caravan Gear [1.1][1.2]

MOD Desc
Provides lightweight, portable gear specially designed for caravans and camping.

Caravan Chair:
– Prevents the ‘Uncomfortable (need something soft to sit on)’ mood while on caravans
– Weight: 1kg
– Research requirement: Complex furniture

Caravan Table:
– Prevents the ‘Ate without a table’ mood while on caravans
– Size: 1×1
– Seats 4 people
– Weight: 2kg
– Research requirement: Complex furniture

Caravan Chemfuel Stove:
– Holds 3 chemfuel
– Can cook any type of meal
– Size: 1×1
– Weight: 1kg

Caravan Lantern:
– Powered by chemfuel
– 3 chemfuel provides 1.4 days of runtime
– Can be switched on and off
– Weight: 0.5kg
– Research requirement: Biofuel Refining

Caravan Biofuel Refinery:
– Produces chemfuel from wood, raw food, and plant matter
– Approximately 2 organic matter yields 1 chemfuel
– Weight: 1kg
– Research requirement: Electricity and Biofuel Refining

Caravan Generator:
– Powered by chemfuel
– Generates 500W
– 5 chemfuel provides 2.5 days of runtime
– Weight: 2.5kg
– Research requirement: Electricity, Biofuel Refining, and Machining.

Fully save compatible. Please report any errors.

Original Author: Thom Blair III
Original Workshop Page:

I have 1600 hours.
(edit: over 2500 hours now)

What do you think I’m gonna say about this game?
Reviews are all ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ for a reason.

This is one of the few good ones.

It’s like Minecraft – Sims – and Age of Empires melted in a magical microwave.

A slightly twisted magical microwave from the Fallout universe, that opened a portal into the Firefly universe, birthing some kind of Amalgam universe (not the Marvel/DC one – another one).

But yeah – a great dev team that is open to mods and supports the modding community (By making it easier to mod things in the game) – more glowing praise… blah blah.

I generally only write reviews out of righteous indignation – but this game deserves more attention and praise.

1st Raid
Half naked guy charges my colony with a club, gets moed down by Barry the chef’s survival rifle

2nd Raid
This time there’s 4 of them, one with a shotty. Pet monkey gets blown away, Jane sobbing throughout ordeal. Dave the medic incapacitates a pirate as they retreat and locks him up.

3rd raid
Jane takes an arrow to the torso, Dave charges in to save Jane only for Barry to miss a tribal and hit Jane. Jane bleeds out as Dave gets to her. Dave gets slaughtered by 3 tribals, Barry runs inside into prison as tribals storm the house. They’re bashing on the door when suddenly the prisoner starts hitting Barry. Tribals finally break in and kill both the prisoner and Barry. Tribals probably started eating them after.

10/10 would get eaten again

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