Craftable Glitter Tech Weapons and Apparels Continued

MOD Desc
This is just an update all credits go to the orginal mod:

If he wishes i will delet this mod immediately.

I also added the Orion Exoskeleton.

Adds new weapon and apparel recipes to Robotic Assembler.
Works with No Surgery Version.


HC-1 Shield
Orion Crops Defense Shield
Nano Suit
Nano Suit Helmet
Reactive Suit
Fibre Skin Suit
Speed Skin Suit
Orion Combat Vest
Orion Combat Helmet


Orion Crops Defense Pistol
Orion Crops Defense Rifle
Orion Crops Rocket Launcher
MRG-5 Pistol
MRG-5 Rifle
APB-1 Pistol
APB-1 Rifle
APB-1 Projector

Orion Exoskeleton

Report bug and issue in the comment.
Is it Too Cheap or Too expensive? let me know down below.
Feel free to suggest new recipe cost to make it more balance.

Original mods idea :
All credit goes to the creater of Glitter Tech mod.

I have never reviewed a single game on Steam…but after 1500+ hours of playing Rimworld (more than any of my Steam games COMBINED) I feel compelled to commemorate the milestone that is this incredible game’s release day. Thank you Tynan for all of your work to finally deliver Rimworld 1.0!

After 5 years of Early Access, I will not inundate you with the game’s technical and artistic merits, because literally tens of thousands of people before me have waxed on about how amazing a game Rimworld truly is.

I will simply say this if you are curious or on the fence about this game….Buy it. Don’t question the graphics. Don’t wait for a sale. BUY IT.

If something, or someone drove you to check out this page…it was for a reason. Rimworld marries colony simulation, survival, and sandbox building in such a ridiculously dynamic and simple way, yet ends up delivering some of the most brutal, heartwrenching, and sometimes comical experiences I’ve ever played through.

The reason I have racked up over 1500 hours marooning myself across distant Rimworlds is because of this game’s unbelievable modding community. Much of the Vanilla game’s quality of life features and improvements were implemented from mods originally created throughout the different Alpha stages of Early Access. Because Rimworld is so easily edited and moddable, there ends up being thousands of mods in the Workshop including item additions, new races and factions, game mechanic tweaks, and even complete overhauls to the entire base game. You can create and try to survive through nearly any scenario your imagination can contoct thanks to the plethora of mods.

Here are a few of my most memorable playthroughs:

1) My first ever, unmodded game – Vanilla Rimworld coupled with my complete ignorance of game mechanics led to some serious drama, bloodshed, and hilarity. Thrumbos don’t f*** around.

2) Trailer Park Rimworld – What would happen if Lahey and the boys were suddenly stranded on an alien Rimworld? A bunch of insane booze- and smokeleaf-fueled shenanigans culminating in Bubbles engineering a bonafide spaceship back to Sunnyvale! Your campaigns will be exponentially better the more attached you are to your characters. The ‘story’ and ‘narrative’ is inspired by you as well as the random events that occur. Nothing will ever beat Jim Lahey, in a fur duster and drunk, one-shotting a charging grizzly bear in the heart with a rifle.
♫ Laheeeey, Lahey Crockett! King of the wild frontier…♫

3) Arctic Cannibal Techno Amazons – With the help of a few advanced tech and bionic mods, my clan of tribal amazons carved their home into the mountains of a frigid ice sheet. With little to no food in the arctic, they resorted to feasting upon the male raiders they killed, and convinced any surviving and formidable females to join their ranks. They eventually teched up to become fearsome cyborg warriors that dominated the raiders of their Rimworld.

4) Solo Vampire Witch – Thanks to some awesome magic mods, my vampire single-handedly slaughtered entire raids and carried out the work of dozens during nightfall. Pretty epic.

All in all I’ve played through dozens upon dozens of different scenarios thanks to the mods, including: Lord of the Rings (Dwarf, Elf, and Hobbit), Star Wars, a Cthulhu cult, an intelligent Ape colony, Space Cats, a Mars colony, a nomadic medieval cannibal warband, a Starship Troopers outpost, a zombie apocalypse, a mega fortress with equipment from Halo/Mass Effect/Warhammer 40,000, and so many different Prison colonies that I’ve lost count…

Rimworld can be heartbreaking and hilarious, tragic or triumphant. Your first campaigns might be a savage, brutal, and downright unforgiving affair. But hopefully you’ll lick your wounds, learn from your mistakes, and if you’re like me…continue comin’ back for more punishment.
-Great Samaman

‘So hold the line and hear the call.
May good friends come and enemies fall,
Waiting, waiting for the sun.’

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