Floor Lights – B18

MOD Desc
Lights (lamps) that are integrated into the ground. These lamps used to have their power cable hidden underground, but various rim-rodents kept eating them so the cable placement had to be revisited. It is possible to build on top of the floor lights.

Confirmed to work with the following mod(s):
Adjustable Colored Lights – A18

– Square | Power consumption: 24 | Radius: 12
– Plus | Power consumption: 18 | Radius: 9
– Corner | Power consumption: 18 | Radius: 9
– Stripe | Power consumption: 12 | Radius: 6
– Small Corner | Power consumption: 7 | Radius: 5
– Small stripe | Power consumption: 4 | Radius: 3

– Floor lamp tile | Power consumption: 2 | Radius: 1

– White (normal)
– Red
– Green
– Blue
– Yellow
– Purple

Special thanks to Dingo (A15) and stryth (A14) for keeping this up to date when I couldn’t. 🙂

A17 version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1122798899

Listen. You’re gonna hear a lot of stuff about warcrimes and human leather hats and automated capybara slaughterfarms that’ll make you doubt if you can really play this game effectively. Maybe you have a soul, or something close to it, and feel like your pawns are people and they need a guiding hand to not forget to breathe and asphyxiate themselves trying to inhale a cassowary’s feathers because it kinda looks like flake.

You can enjoy Rimworld too. Guide these poor, useless, hat wearing people through the Godless hellhole they’ve found themselves in and make them great. Watch all your carefully laid plans fragment into a thousand rubble piles as a stray shot from some raiders nails an explosive cow right next to your turret emplacements, triggering a chain reaction that ends up with both your pawns, and the raiders, on fire.

Your colony is pretty rough up after that, innit? Gotta rebuild.. but you need materials, too. Your miner got burned really badly, and the only guy still up to do work only has one arm. But he’s a good talker and your crafter still has one leg..
Just a couple bits of furniture sold to some cannibals, that’s all. A bump of silver to buy some steel, components, and oh, maybe plasteel too.. but the plasteel costs more. Maybe a few hats made out of the convenient source of leather that just got put out by the rain… Your crafter has the Psychopath trait anyway.. he doesn’t care.
Hell, will they really ask where you got all that meat from if they can fill their bellies while they heal?

Welcome to the Rim.


I am gonna sing a song
It’s about these strong creatures
That live in the wild
Oh you can tame them
But ‘hack**cough’
They make a mighty fine coat
They sort of taste like buffalo
Here we go

In the high plains
Cold rain
Sweet grass
Mountain range

Hill trot
It’s too hot
Nothing around
I’m in the wrong spot

Hey hi ho
Where’s a muffalo

Wind blows
In the Ice snow
It’s too cold
You Tread slow

wood stocked
gun cocked
Muff locked
Loud shout

Hey hi ho
It’s a muffalo

What a time to find
A herd in the snow
Where did they come from?
Where did they go?

wood stocked
gun cocked
Muff locked
Loud shout

It’s too bad
Now I’m sad
Cause they’ve mad
What the is with ohhhhh

Hey ho hi
It’s a muffalo

Run home
Triggered the muffalo
Now you’re done

Hey hi ho
It’s a muffalo

Thrumbo, boomrat, boomalope, muffalo
Hey hi ho
It’s a muffalo

So much to lose
So much to know
I don’t need a reason
Hunt them every season
Drive a heard mad
Look at them go!

Hey hi ho
It’s a muffalo

There we go
Oh no oh woe

Hey hi ho
It’s a muffalo

Gonna skin me a muffalo
Can make a fine hat
Or maybe pants

There’s plenty of meat
Did you say you milk them
Damn, well I guess that’s ok

Hey hi ho
It’s a muffalo

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