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MOD Desc
This mod removes everything from the game after the Medieval Era. Everything else stays vanilla.

How long can you survive what the storyteller is throwing at you?! There really isn’t an end game here, since you can’t make a spaceship and fly away.

This will conflict with any other mods that reference vanilla items that are post-medieval. The game will still work, but you’ll see errors in the log if you look.
This may not work with scenarios that have post-medieval items as a part of the starting items list. You’ll see log errors, and the futuristic items won’t spawn.

I made this at the request of several players who were interested. Special thanks to the authors of the Lord of the Rims mod for great examples on how to accomplish this.

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======================== 2020-02-27
Updated for version 1.1 of RimWorld.

  • – This mod removes much of the tech from the game. If you’re having specific problems, let me know, and I’ll get them sorted. Tynan has definitely made this difficult! I’ve been scrambling to get things updated for 1.2. Seems like making mods just sets yourself up for a ton of extra work that you don’t expect.- This mod doesn’t do anything with animals or terrain, as those don’t have a tech level setting. – I posted on their Discord, but the guy that could help was down and out having had surgery or something. – This mod removes the electric smithy from the game. There was no electric smithy in Medieval Times! Perhaps a patch will be required there.
  • – This mod should remove everything with a techlevel of post medieval. So yes. If that mod references any of that stuff elsewhere in it’s config or code, you’ll get errors.- AVP is heavily based on future tech. You’re likely to have issues there. I haven’t tried it, but I suspect they’re incompatible.Monkeh – This is incompatible with the Royalty DLC. That DLC is based around spacer tech. This mod removes all tech after medieval. You have to pick one or the other!!
  • This doesnt seem to work with the Empire mod, as it causes this error log spamFailed to find RimWorld.FactionDef named PColony. There are 50 defs of this type loaded.Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.DefDatabase`1:GetNamed(String, Boolean)FactionColonies.FactionColonies:getPlayerColonyFaction()FactionColonies.GoodwillPatchFunctionsGoodwillTendency:Prefix(Faction&)RimWorld.Faction:DMD?1393650944::CheckNaturalTendencyToReachGoodwillThreshold_Patch1>(Faction)RimWorld.Faction:DMD?-468307328::FactionTick_Patch0>(Faction)RimWorld.FactionManager:FactionManagerTick()RimWorld.Planet.World:WorldTick()Verse.TickManager:DMD?392913536::DoSingleTick_Patch1>(TickManager)Verse.TickManager:TickManagerUpdate()Verse.Game:UpdatePlay()Verse.Root_Play:Update()
  • I got a quest that was trying to reference a LOT of Royalty things it looked like ‘You get a message from [pronoun of royal faction member] [royal faction name] want you to protect [name of pawn] from [enemy faction of royalty faction]… etc’ and the reward was a psi thing but that reference worked because i think it was like static text or something. Im using this mod along side the Medieval vanilla faction mod because that mod doesnt actually prevent some pawns from having guns for some reason and still has guns as quest rewards. Its not a big deal i can just ignore those quests i was just wondering if anyone else experiences this. Thanks!
  • So I’m getting a rather odd bug when I have the mod running and was wondering if you’ve seen it before or know what might be causing it. Basically, when I scroll through the tech tree, about midway through, the whole tree just vanishes. There will be tech that is available and branches into this ‘dead zone’ but as soon as I scroll to it or search it, nothing. I’m not running Royalty and have a list that’s pretty much medieval and fantasy based so not sure what’s causing it. Here’s a picture of the dead zone. I’ll start picking at mods but really hope you may have an idea as well 🙂
  • First of all: Thanks for this mod, I love it :)Not sure if I should post it here, but I don’t want to post is in both mods. I found out, that the new events from ‘Vanilla Events Expanded’ ( seem to don’t respect the removed technology. E.g. Shuttle crash and Space battle pawns/corpses have all kinds of equipment. For now I simply removed the mod. Most gear I had to delete via debug mode, because my pawns don’t know how to handle them :POn the other hand, when I get the royal tribute collector, they always come with recon armor and charge weapons …

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