Psychic Awakening

MOD Desc
Due to the incessant begging of their mortal pets – err, human allies – archotech AIs have developed modifications to the human brain that allow it limited psychic abilities. This power comes at a price, however, and accumulating too much psychic burnout can be deadly.

What? It’s the Rim. Did you really expect superpowers to not make your head explode?

Serums and engrams can be found as quest rewards, and are occasionally carried by settlements and exotic goods traders.

So that’s the bad news. Good news, the 14 available powers are so worth it.

So which of your colonists should get the serum? Well, it turns out that those psychically sensitive types aren’t just useless liabilities after all! Psychic sensitivity affects outgoing powers just like incoming ones, meaning that your psychically hypersensitive colonist is much more likely to successfully Shock a raider, and her Unity will last longer.

—-Please Note—-

Psychic Awakening is compatible with existing saves.

This mod is intended to be lore-friendly. Psychic powers deal only with manipulating conscious minds – there is no telekinesis, crystal healing, or any other ‘space magic’ that generic sci-fi sometimes lumps in with it. Evidently I was too conservative in my estimation of what RimWorld’s psychic abilities could accomplish! Expect to see a wide variety of more exotic powers soon.

This mod is extendable! You can add your own PsychicPowerDef in the xml files, using the powers provided as examples, and it will show up in engrams or newly-awakened psychics. If you want to do something more advanced, implementing the abstract class PsychicPowerDriver lets you run C# code when your power is used.

Future plans include: additional powers, psychic raiders, and the ‘Nightmare’ – a new type of mechanoid specializing in mental attacks.

I fixed the code for the Drone psychic power (very small C# bug). The mood debuff applies successfully to hostile pawns after the fix, but a low Mood doesn’t affect their raid at all. They can be at 0 Mood and still be firing away. Since the power doesn’t do much even when it’s working, I recommend making a local copy of the mod and removing this power. Here’s how to do that:1) Make a local copy of Psychic Awakening and put in your Rimworld Mods folder. There are guides on how to make a local copy of a mod out there.2) Open Defs/PsychicPowerDefs/powers.xml in a text editor3) On lines 15-24, delete the PsychicPowerDef for PowerDrone, and save the file.After that edit is made, the Drone power won’t be generated for Engrams or after a Psychic Conversion. It’ll essentially be gone.For the mod author, change ‘if (target.needs.mood != null)’ to ‘if (p?.needs?.mood?.thoughts?.memories != null)’ in the PsychicPowerDriver_Drone class to fix the bug.

Is it intended that the Engram has infinite uses? I feel like that’s a bit easy.I also feel like using the serum shouldn’t grant something out of the listed engram. Instead, it should just grant all the first-time serum user some kind of ‘weak’ ability that every psychic can use? (Kind of like everyone instantly know how to use fireball/arcane-missles if you pick mages as a starting character in MMOs, but diverse their specialty with different spell book later on.)It will force us to get more Engram instead of going for serums to inject every colonist.The infinite uses of Engram + Get 1 for free from serum are really good reasons for serum spams instead of trying to get engrams in early game. I would totally just spam serum first, then get the engram I don’t have later on. Maybe just the Assimilation Engram matters.I also have the same question with this mod loading with pre-emptive strike mod.

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