Craftable Synthetics

MOD Desc
Version: 1.5

This mod adds Synthread and Hyperweave as craftables at both tailoring tables.
It has to be researched first, and is quite resource expensive.

Synthread x75
-Devilstrand x25
-Cloth x50
-Steel x35
-Work 1300
-Crafting 6

Hyperweave x75
-Synthread x50
-Plasteel x35
-Work 1900
-Crafting 12

Market Value
I changed the values to make the crafting worth it from a financial point. The relation of material value to finished product value is 460-525 for the Synthread and 840-1200 for the Hyperweave.

Direct Link
If you own the game DRM free, you can download the mod here: LINK REMOVED!1klGiAYQ!HYMw7Qytkb_Y_SnIs3pMWt26dz7bmZfg29W2joaXtsE

If you get any errors, please tell me so I can fix them.
Have fun!

I’ve been playing this since early Alpha release about two years ago. It is hands down one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Gameplay is straightforward once you get the hang of the Architect menus, but it has incredible depth and behind-the- scenes complexity, from its incredibly fun combat and injuries/medical systems to your colonists’ interpersonal relationships and psychology to your interactions with the environment.

Every game is completely different, and replayablility is ehnanced by a large and excellent modding community that continues to produce even greater varieties of play experience. And it’s still only Early Access! The devs are committed, active on their forums, and have big plans.

Build the base of your dreams, establish a production economy, and watch it all get torched by raiders! What more could you ask for?

p.s. cannibalism isn’t required – strictly speaking – but you know you’re going to try it.

– Have a decent colony, not too many people and moderately wealthy
– Need someone who can build and craft though
– A bunch of raiders come
– Most raiders are killed but some are downed, one has good crafting and constructing abilities and pretty good traits
– She has 99.00 resistance and a recruitment difficulty of 99%
– Cut her legs off and keep her in my prison so she can’t escape
– Harvest the organs of the rest of the raiders
– A few months later she joins my colony, give her new legs
– She marries the guy who recruited her
– A year later she accidentally shoots her husband in a gunfight and kills him
– Mental break: Tantrum
– Punches an antimatter warhead
– Dies in a blazing ball of fire
– What’s left of her corpse is instantly eaten by my giant army of panthers
Weird things happen on the rim, and you can choose to be nice, or a complete psychopath
10/10 would break the Geneva Convention again

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