Exotic Joy [1.0->1.2]

MOD Desc
This mod will make tweaks to the base game you never knew you needed until now..

Adds the following:

✯ Horseshoe pins can now be used by all tech tiers
✯ Horseshoe pins now show you the use area (unless cutoff) (V1.0 Exclusive)(Added to base game in V1.1)
✯ Horseshoe pins are now rotatable (V1.0 Exclusive)(Added to base game in V1.1)
✯ Game of UR can now be used by all tech tiers
✯ Hoopstone can now be used by all tech tiers
✯ Hoopstone now show you the use area (unless cutoff) (V1.0 Exclusive) (Added to base game in V1.1)
✯ Hoopstone are now rotatable (V1.0 Exclusive)(Added to base game in V1.1)
✯ Chess Tables can now be used by all tech tiers
✯ Megascreen Televisions can now be constructed
✯ Telescopes can now be constructed

– Telescope 1000 Requires MicroelectronicsBasics
– Megascreen 2000 Requires FlatscreenTelevision and MicroelectronicsBasics
– All research can be found under Rustic’s Mods which is universal for my mods that require research (unless you use a mod tab editor then it will be whereever generated)

Compatibility – Works with game versions 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2

Mod Compatibility – Should be compatable with everything. Uses xpath patching and overwrites no core files.

Older versions – https://github.com/RusticFox/Exotic-Joy

Mod Version:

I had 5 tribesmen building a colony,
One day they all died of heatstroke.
I spent days fast forwarding and watching them decay; their corpses, vomit and blood scattered around the buildings they created.

Finally a girl came accross the ghost town. There was hope.
Unfortunately she did not have the required skills to clean up the blood and vomit, nor move or bury the bodies.
She spent a week living amongst the stench of death, slowly driving herself into insanity.

Eventually another girl came along, but she also could not clean or bury bodies. They both did what they could to survive, living off the food stockpile left by the creators of their new home.

A week later, a third wanderer came accross the settlement. He buried the dead and cleaned up the blood.

A year on, we are now thriving with ten colonists and many more to come.

Probably should have researched air conditioning sooner though.

I was originally torn when i purchased this, between this and No man’s sky. I bought No man’s sky………..returned it in less than 2hrs(so boring) and got this. Haven’t looked back since, this game with and without mods is very challenging and fun! It’s what I wanted fallout 4 to be. the graphics aren’t super awesome but they are good enough and the gameplay more than makes up for it. This game should be in your libary.

My first game-
Created myself with prepare carefully, proceed to get bitten by a rat and die of infection alone.

My Second game-
Created myself built a little base, only to have a cook i hired go beserk and burn it down. I died fighting the fires.

My Third game-
Created a whole party of people all super badass and op, set diffuclty to low, start game……..whole party gets trampled to death by a pack of manhunting muffalo.

etc. etc. etc. Great stories to be had in here.

Whoa. I didn’t review this game and it’s easily my most played game of all time. So I started playing this game back in Alpha 3 I think? My receipt says 2013 so whatever Alpha version November 2013 was. So counting the 540+ hours I’ve played in steam, stack 200+ hours on top of that from early alpha. Anyway, I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth. The game is modular, so you can add an obscene amount of mods to it with no problems. That being said, start with vanilla – it’s fantastic and incredibly difficult. Getting bored and want to add more features? Add some mods. I have well over 50 at this point and the game works fine. Are the hardest difficulties not enough? Go to the ice sheet, you masochist. This game is always my fallback when I run out of things to play. Do you like Dwarf Fortress? Buy it. Do you like anything base building? Buy it. Do you like the sims? Sure, buy it. It’s well below the price that it’s worth. Thank you for this game.

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