MT – Silent Doors [1.0]

MOD Desc
[Mittsies’ Tweaks – Silent Doors]
Removes the sound effect from doors.

  • Thanks a lot, the door sounds drove me crazy in b19, especially in high game speed (have they changed them? Never noticed it in b18 so intense..). Last but not least it was a pure woossssssh festival……Much better now, finally i can hear the ambient sounds again, animals and more.Keep up the good work !:)
  • I’ve tried downloading this twice since the update was put up and I’m still getting door sound. I don’t have any other mods running so its not a conflict issuse. Any help would be appreciated as I can’t live without this mod, cheers
  • If you want to use this mod in a non-steam version, download this mod, and then search for it in the workshop folder on the Steam directory. You must search ID’s, for example search 933010556 in the workshop folder for this mod.
  • For anyone who can’t get this to work here’s how to do it yourself – RimWorld > Mods > Core > Defs > SoundDefs > World_Oneshots_Doors open this with notepad and edit the sections to the levels you want and save it.
  • I hear ya, I was being rhetorical. When I made my comment I had just lost it from the shhh shhh shhh shhh of the doors. I didn’t mean to be insulting, my bad. The game devs are frikken legends man don’t get me wrong, as are you modders. I reckon this is the best PC game ever made, it has so many elememts, dungeon keeper 1, the sims, minecraft, don’t starve, fallout 2 (kinda). Anyway thanks again! Keep up the good work mate.
  • the developer barely plays his own game. as long as ‘it works’, it’s good enough for release. that’s why they continue to add new content that nobody really wants (and a mod could do much better) instead of fixing the base content or adding desperately-needed quality of life features.

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