Real Silver Weight

MOD Desc
Change silver’s weight to resemble real life more accurately. Silver has roughly half the mass of gold.

Silver mass 0.008 –> 0.00403


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MIT License; Copyright (c) 2020 Billy J Barnes

This game messes with your moral compass like a magnet. Every time you play, you get a different game. The replayability level is out of this world. It can be dark, you may make decisions you never thought you would, but it can also be funny (watching a colony fall to a pack of crazed hillas comes to mind). I strongly suggest watching some good streamers play this to see if it is for you. Unlike some games, watching someone play this will not ruin your enjoyment when you come to play your own game, it will just serve to show you how varied the events in this game can actually be. 10/10 2 thumbs up from me! (Until I lose one to a mad alpaca or a guy in a beserk rage because the light went out in his bedroom). P.S. The game has several options to ‘win’ but in my personal experience of never actually winning I don’t actually feel like I’m losing out. On the contrary, winning would seem to be closing a door on a room full of awesome way too soon.

There is no game out there like Rimworld, I mean trust me.. I checked. I still am to this day purchasing every single colony sim just to see if it captures my attention and keep me up all night playing it without even noticing like Rimworld. (Thank you for f***** up my sleep schedule Rimworld) No other game did that till now. Because no other game is actually has been giving me this much freedom to experience a whole new story each and evey playthrough. This game made me laugh, cry, rage… every single emotion you can think of, I experienced cause of Rimworld.
And after all this, I am bit ashamed to say, I did purchase it on early access, then returned it cause apparently I was ian idiot, then after a while when the final version came out I purchased it again, cause I had to know why everyone was soooooo into this game, now I know.
You gotta give this game a chance. I will never stop recommending it to anyone.

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