2×2 Hydroponics with Sunlamp

MOD Desc
Require Hydroponics research.

My Story….

My top colonist Rick, 14 shooting, 15 construction and a bunch of other high skills was the king of my colony, he built the entire place from nothing to the fortress it is today, every raid, he was at the forefront of battle destroying people with his sniper rifle, he was the rock everyone relied on.

Then one day something terrible happend…

We had just decided to take in a new survivor who was being chased by 4 pirates, it was a tough fight but we won, Rick was the only one unharmed, as he was fixing up his fallen comrades we were struck by another raid so Rick had no choice but to take them on alone (there were 6 of them)

Rick was hunkered down behind a wall just in-front of our compound, taking shots but nothing he can’t handle. One of the other colonists was able to walk at this point so I got him to join the fight.

In the heat of battle I forgot to check what weapon this guy was wielding, HUGE MISTAKE, he stood just behind rick as the remaining 3 raiders closed in, he then proceeded to throw a frag grenade which took 2 of the raiders out but also completely mangled Rick to pieces.

I had to run back to the armory and grab a rifle while the remaining raider was smashing Ricks brains in, I came back and finished him off.

Anyways Rick is now brain damaged, has no ears, no nose and only one leg.

He has gone from being the Rock of my colony, the destroyer of raiders and the guy everyone turns to in times of need to now only just being able to manage the cleaning role.

I thought about ending his life but I couldn’t do it, it saddens me every-time I load the game up to see the strongest and most reliable member of my colony resorted to cleaning up dirt and needing to sleep more than half the day.

I just hope and pray one day I can get him back to normal….

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