Android Tiers + Vanilla Expanded Medical

MOD Desc
Allows the Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Medical Module‘s Vitals Center (and the default Vital Monitor) to work on androids from Android Tiers mod. The Vitals Center can help androids surgery success chance and medical tend quality.

Since they cannot become sick and do not have an immune system, the IV drip is not required for androids.

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This game is AMAZING, I dont know why I didnt do a review sooner, but ive had this game since alpha 15? I have had it for a long time and ive watched it progress and improve into what it is today, modding community is great with some very advanced and in depth mods. The game can be played for a few 100 hrs in vanilla, thats how fun it is! Once you move onto mods you will find many QOL mods (quality of life) and some really interesting wacky mods, an example is a mod that lets you form a cult and do crazy things like give offerings that let you grow monster limbs that make you crazy powerful (if the god is happy).

But more on base rimworld, you have 3 starting scenarios: Crashlanded (3 People with basic somewhat modern tech), Tribal (5 people with a tech lvl lower than Crashlanded), Rich Explorer (1 person with more advanced tech who starts with lots of silver, silver is the $$ in this game). No matter what scenario you do you will end up choosing your landing location and picking your starting colonists, but each option changes how you have to play the game. Each colonist being unique with their own past job and what it allows them to do better and what it makes them incapable of doing, you will find every game to be different and random thanks to the AI storyteller who gives you random events, from weather to having a raiding party of 15 attack you to having a new member join you, each game will always feel fresh and different

One time I was raided and left with one solitary man after the rest of the colonists were either killed or kidnapped. He survived for weeks on his own before finally succumbing to an illness he was too sick to treat, alone, afraid, and in pain.

One time giant insects erupted from the ground inside our undergound home. They mauled and ate all but 2 of the colonists, who were lucky enough to be outside when it happened. As the insects multiplied like a disease in the mountain, the last man dumped molotov cocktails into the writhing nest, shut the door, and burned it all.

One time my hunter went out to hunt some caribou and accidentally caused a stampede, killing all my colonists within a day of landing.

Similarly, I was once wiped out by a herd of manhunting cats. Domestic cats.

One time I actually managed to finish building a starship. After fending off envious raiders and vicious machines attracted to the reactor’s signal for 15 days, 6 of the 10 survivors of the battle climbed aboard. The other 4 preferred the simple life of farming and raising animals this planet offered, but they were still heartbroken to see them go. Only one colonist who went up had ties to the original 3 that dropped, them having died in the 11 years since the colony was founded. He was the widower to one of those lost friends. I like to imagine she made him promise to leave this Rimworld if he could, having never left it before.



‘Without a doubt one of the best gaming experiences ever created.’

‘A literal modern masterpiece in the works.’

Original Review:

Hands down, votes out, this is one of the BEST games ever to be made, ever.

The fact that it is still in development is mind blowing, as it is one of the most complete early access games I will play.
(I’ve owned well over 20+ of early access top titles that never came to quality quite like Rimworld has.)

I cannot sell this game enough with words alone. You MUST learn, play and experience Rimworld to understand the glory that this game withholds from images alone. Streaming this game doesn’t do justice to how awesome a 30+ hour playthrough feels as you guide the colonists/tribe through hell and high water to actually survive and thrive the literal hell on earth they ended up in.

Believe me when I say, you can’t just ‘win’ this one. Not unless you play on easy difficulties which is fun in it’s own right, but nothing compared to the thrill of fighting off massive amounts of raiders, manhunting packs of animals, and even machines from a long dead civilization.

Expensive yet uncomprismingly dedicated to A+ product. This team knows what the game is worth at the end of the road. If pricing is holding you back…..don’t expect to pay less than 30$+ for the final release.

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