Epic Rivers

MOD Desc
*Originally by Zero-Exodus, updated for 1.0*

I did not create this mod, simply updated the version, all credits to ZE for the mod.

If you would like to support his mods and art you are welcome to join his patreon – https://www.patreon.com/zeroexodus

Simple mod that adds the chance of spawning epic size rivers on the world map.

*Tip: Increasing rainfall on world map settings will increase the chance of getting huge and epic rivers when you generate a map.

If you want to change the size of non-epic sized rivers, consider this mod

Suggested additional mods:

Impassable Chest-deep Water by Dropbear_Ninja.wa.au – Sets shallow water move speed to 6% and Deep water is Impassable

Impassable Chest-deep Water – My modified version of the above with 25% move speed on shallow moving water

Beautiful Water by CrunchyDuck *not a furry

Permafrost by Rainbeau Flambe (New link now updated by troopersmith1)- This cool mod makes water freeze over during low temperatures

No mod conflicts that I’m aware of.

===[ πŸ“Š Rating ]===
βœ”οΈ One of the best games ever!

===[ πŸ•ΉοΈ Gamestyle ]===
❌ Multiplayer (Can be done with mods just they are not officially supported)
βœ”οΈ Singleplayer

===[ πŸ‘ͺ Audience ]===
❌ Kids
βœ”οΈ Teens
βœ”οΈ Adults
βœ”οΈ Casual players
βœ”οΈ Pro players

===[ πŸ”₯ Requirments ]===
❌ Low / Budget
βœ”οΈ Medium / Office PC (Early colony games)
βœ”οΈ High / Gaming PC (Late colony games)
❌ Extreme / High-end or more

===[ 🐞 Bugs ]===
❌ Unplayable or gamebreaking
❌ Frustrating and feels unfinished
❌ Few Bugs but nothing gamebreaking
βœ”οΈ No bugs were encountered

===[ 🎯 Difficulty ]===
❌ Simple
❌ Sometimes challenging
❌ Mostly challenging
❌Easy to learn and hard to master
βœ”οΈMasochistic but fair
❌ Too difficult and unbalanced

===[ 🌏 Story ] ===
❌ Not needed / None
❌ Bad
❌ Average
❌ Good
❌ Very good
βœ”οΈ Masterpiece (self-driven)

===[ πŸ‘€ Graphics ]===
βœ”οΈ A matter of taste
❌ Bad
❌ Average
❌ Good
Very good
❌ Masterpiece

===[ πŸ”Š Audio ]===
❌ Not needed / Music turned off
❌ Bad
❌ Average
❌ Very good
❌ Masterpiece

===[ ⛸️ Grind ]===
❌ Not needed / None
❌ Only for leaderboards / ranks
❌ Average grind level
βœ”οΈ Heavily depends on gamestyle / personality
❌A lot of grinding but feels rewarding
❌ Too much grind and feels repetitive

===[ ⏰ Gametime ]===
❌ Really short ( 0 – 8 hours)
❌ Short ( 8 – 20 hours)
❌ Long ( 20 – 50 hours)
❌ Very long ( 50 – 99 hours)
βœ”οΈ Endless ( 100+ hours)

===[ πŸ’Ž Price / Quality ]===
❌In-Game-Shop ( only cosmetics )
❌ In-Game-Shop ( boosts / saving time )
❌ In-Game-Shop ( superior loot / stats )
❌ Free
❌ Not much
βœ”οΈ Full price
❌ Wait for sale
❌ Don’t do it

Feel free to copy this list, but please respect my effort and don’t remove this:
Β© Fackel,

This games is amazing, I have definitely sunk over 1000+ hours on a cracked copy, until I got the steam one to support my man tynan. I highly recommend you save up to but this game. You can make your own stories, you get attached to your colonist and it might even start affecting the way you think in real life (check out r/RimWorld. Talking about reddit the sub-reddit is filled with over 120,000 active people showing of there stories and tips they found on the way.

To this day: 25/08/19 I still think this.

Truly a masterpiece ,11/10 would play for over 1000 hours again.

Day 1 – Crashlanded on strange alien planet. Low expectations, tons of joy – this is looking up!

Day 4 – We have individual bedrooms finally. Apparently crashlanding on an alien planet isn’t enough of a reason to get over your disdain for shared bedrooms, Charolette.

Day 12 – A wild boar went crazy and started hunting all humans, and chased away some raiding tribespeople. Thanks, crazy boar.

Day 13 – Crazy boar ate Charolette.

Day 24 – Traders stopped by, I bought all their food. Should probably figure out how to grow my own.

Day 36 – Potatoes planted! Let’s make this colony a town!

Day 38 – We’ve struck compacted machinery! THAT MEANS SOLAR PANELS WHOOOOOOTTTTT

Day 42 – Dave is much more chill thanks to the air conditioning.

Day 56 – Dave is too chill, thanks to smokeleaf. Seriously, Dave, go sow the edible* crops this time.

Day 62 – A neighboring faction stopped by with a few items to trade. Instead of buying their wares, I took them all hostage. Let’s see where this goes.


Day 74 – Holy crap they have a lot of people who know how to use those guns.

Day 75 – Packing up a caravan and fleeing this continent with what pemmican we have.

Day 78 – Wandering on strange alien planet. Low expectations, tons of joy – this is looking up!

11/10 – One of the best games I have ever played in my entire life. 66 hours in, I’m hooked. Astoundingly deep.

—- EDIT:
143 hrs in, and Rimworld leaving Greenlight, I have a few updates:

Day 82 – Settled the backup caravan. We’re by some caves, which is kinda dope.

Day 84 – We built a water-wheel power generator!

Day 88 – WHELP a bunch of mechanical spiders tunneled into our cave-base.

Day 94 – This metal sleep casket thing seems really comfy. I’ll just crack it open and take a quick nap…


Day 144 – It’s been a while. First, a raiding pirated fought that robot for a while, and it took care of all but one of ’em. The last one proceeded to set my entire camp on fire, and then steal a stack of T-Shirts. Completely left me alone, except for all the fires started. I was paralyzed because both my legs were cut off. Luckily, I managed to quickly fashion some peg-legs and do the operation myself.

Day 29130 – I found this journal after crash landing on a strange alien planet. Low expectations, tons of joy – this is looking up!

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