RazzleDazzle! (1.0)

MOD Desc
For those players who want a little more song and dance in the lives of their colonies! This mod introduces a range of performing arts:

Theatre: Colonists can write (Artistic) and perform plays (Social), which are written at sculpting benches.

Music: Music can be composed (Artistic) and performed at a piano (Social).

Stand-up: Rehearsed and performed at the microphone stand (Social).

Radio: Performances from all of the above will be automatically broadcast if you have a broadcaster, with subscription payments sent in by nearby settlements based on the quality of your broadcast.

Now you can keep your colonists from ever doing a real day’s work!

Credits: Original was created by SeveralPuffins, Japanese translation by Proxyer.

Direct Download: Dropbox[www.dropbox.com]

  • Love this mod. Just makes a colony a lot more vibrant. My only problem is that it makes a playthrough a lot easier. I know it’s a lot to ask but would it be possible to release a harder version? Half or quarter the subscriptions and a little more random mood buffs. Even a great comedian has a bad set every once in a while. I think the most realistic solution (no idea if it’s possible though) would be to have different modd buffs for different colonists. One person might love an act while another might feel offended and hate it. Sorry for the rambling have a nice day. 🙂
  • I am truly enjoying this mod. It feels like it has breathed some real life into my colony in addition to giving an excellent place and use for those ‘pop idol’ esq colonists who bring social and artistic skills but otherwise just get regulated to a sculpting bench in a dungeon somewhere.The social boons feel good and fine to me. The amount of work that goes into them seems appropriate for the reward and it’s a great way to keep a colony from feeling like it’s on a knife’s edge at higher wealth levels.The financial value for the plays and music sheets for the work that goes into them seems excessively high. A play can be produced relatively quickly for few resources and is worth a fair sum, with a masterpiece screenplay I just produced being worth $1250 for 5 pieces of leather and a bit of labor.
  • I think the changing of the work priorities is only a one time thing because the first time it happened and since i fix my priorities every time i reload a save again or make a new one the priorities stay the same as when i fixed them. But still stuck on the pawns sitting on the same chair bug. I use vanilla furniture extended along with Graphic Chair Overhaul (GCO page said it supports vanilla furniture extended) and so i load GCO after furniture and tried putting Razzle Dazzle on top of Furniture, i can still post my mod list if you wanna check this pawn bug.
  • The value for the broadcasts, while you have to work for them, feels excessive as well. My broadcast reputation wiggles between decent and uninspiring with perfect consistency and, in a middle wealth colony, just had 429 gold, 4100 silver, a masterwork weapons, a few other good quality weapons and a few random mod items showered down on me. This situation has shifted the equation from ‘I wonder if I can get a good return on this to’ ‘I need to turn off my broadcaster to avoid inflating my colony wealth’.While I know all of us have different ideas regarding best practices for rewarding work in Rimworld, I personally love the mood perks and faction relationship concepts, I’m not certain that the current wealth rewards the mod brings are where they should be. Or if other forms of returns in addition to the mood bonus, such as quests/caravans/trade discounts/aid support might not be appropriate.

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