Animated Marshes [1.2]

MOD Desc
Summary Marshes undulate in the same way regular water does.
Rainforests feel wet now.

Aesthetic preference.

I can only imagine what the developers’ childhoods must have been like, considering the unrealistic standards they set themselves to. I imagine Ludeon has a person who’s job it is to go behind the developers, whip them, and yell ‘NOT GOOD ENOUGH!’.

These are the only reasons I can fathom for why after 4 years of updates it’s not only still in early access, but is still in ALPHA. Make no mistake, despite being in alpha Rimworld has a level of polish and content that most AAA games only dream of. It manages to put more personality into limbless mutes than most games have in photorealistic characters voiced by Nolan North. At this rate, version 1.0 will only be availible on holodecks.

Rimworld is aboslutely worth your money as it currently is,

I would warmly recommend Rimworld, despite its unforgiving gameplay.

The game itself is a survival simulator, with a similar concept as Dwarf Fortress. You are a group of people that have crashed on a planet and your goal is to survive and return to space, or even remain – depending on your preference.

You create your own sanctuary (or lack thereof), trying to fend of wildlife and other villages/tribes of neerdowells, trying to get it to thrive.

I bought this game a few years ago, and it was stable then, so this early access is a very immersive and complete game. The developers keeps adding to it, and there is a large and thriving modding community, so no game is the same.

Verdict: 10/10 – would lose another sanctuary again.

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