Better Electronics

MOD Desc
Electronics will never breakdown!
Prevents random short circuits! (note: only RANDOM short circuits, not these due to rain)
Prevents solar flare!

All changes can be disabled in mod options!

Incompatibility: None
Old Save Compatible: Yes
Safely Removable: Yes


Original mod by Dazz Aephiex:

Every. Single. Playthrough. Is. Different.

There are SO many systems in play, that emergent gameplay is effortless. Stories weave naturally, and you’re on the edge of your seat every time.

On one playthrough, things were relatively quiet aside from a few raids on my colony. Lost a few colonists, gained a few from taking prisoners.

On the next, a giant piece of spaceship dropped nearby and was full of some kind of 2000 year old robots with machine guns. Also, the ship was emitting psychic hums that drove my colonists literally crazy. That colony didn’t last long…

Another time, I was assaulted by hordes of bloodthirsty bears. One of my colonist who was the son of another died and his father got so heartbroken that he went berserk and started murdering others. Fun.

And on yet another playthrough I ended up making a ridiculous amount of gold by trading with wandering caravans. This one was one of my more successful colonies.

As you can see, the game’s systems and events just naturally create a story. And that story is meaningful, because the events feel significant. A game that can give you memorable experiences without ANY scripted events or story, is incredible. This is truly a masterpiece.

A little late getting on this hype train, so I can’t say much that hasn’t already been said… But I can save you some time by giving you a little TLDR action here:

RimWorld makes things happen. CRAZY things. Stories. Some of the most bizarre/hilarious/tragic ‘Remember When…’ moments that you’ll experience in a game. The mechanics of the game are simple enough that you can keep yourself amused with minimal effort, but detailed enough that you can micromanage everything down to when your colonists eat lunch. This allows for a million different ways to play–and probably fail–at the game. But it’s hard to get mad even when your whole colony implodes, because usually the way it happens is so amusing that it just makes for another great tale.

I couldn’t think of another game where Vulture, the peg-legged pot-smoking gravedigger, and Special K, the elite sniper with the bullet lodged in his brain, and Pippa, the boxing centenarian with a taste for human flesh, could all exist in the same space… but that was just a single playthrough. Your mileage may vary, but your destination is CrazyTown.

This game was worth the asking price 6 months ago, and it keeps getting better and better. You need to buy this game yesterday.

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