Path Overlay

MOD Desc
add simple overlay to track down your pawn’s path

you can find tiles that pawn most steps on. and the mod will help you to make an optimized path

the cell’s color will become green to red, if more pawns entered that cell.

Part 1

I have 994 hours on this game. No joke. I love it.

Set up:
You start out by picking the difficulty of the game, then you can choose to edit or leave the starting materials untouched. I always edit, but for beginners don’t touch it. You can choose your starting characters to an extent, and you can choose where you land (where to build the colony), and how big of an area it is (don’t overdo it, but don’t go too small. The smaller it is the less resources there are and the more difficult it gets). You can also choose which of the four seasons you want to start in. Personally even know I choose auto season. You affect the area you choose to go during the part of the start up process where you can see the world. You do this by clicking the middle button on the bottom of the screen (I can not for the life of me remember what it says. Advanced maybe?)

Part 2

The most important thing to remember is that when choosing where to land you’ll want to have the terrain menu open. Look for growth period. For first time users I suggest 40/60 days. This way there will be some challenge, an you’ll have to plan ahead, but it shouldn’t be too hard. None of the other statistics on the terrain menu matter for first time players, they barely even matter to me. I would recommend not picking to live in the desert, the rain forest, the swamp, or the tundra your first time, that leaves you with like 2-3 options.

Now, for most beginners you’ll pick the scenario where your colonists drop down from space, and you’ll have enough resources to start a colony, but nothing advanced. The first step you have to take is to make sure the game is paused (hit space to pause and fast forward easily.) After pausing the game you’ll want to unforbid the food, steel, wood, medicine, components, and packaged survival meals, that way your colonists can build things and eat. After doing this, my next step would be to either start a farm (5×5 per colonist of potato plant), or build a 6×6 house made entirely out of wood and place a double bed in the center of the back wall, one house per colonist.

Part 3

You won’t have enough wood to do this, so you’ll have to go to the build menu and choose the wood cutting task. Wood is flammable, so once you can stone cut start making walls out of stone. It’s safer. Also don’t forget, you can plant your own trees if you run out, but this takes a while.

Do not underestimate the making of a three room building for food production. It’s probably the most important building you’ll ever make. Have one room with the two cooking tables, electric stove and cutting table. Have one freezer room (FREEZER NOT FRIDGE), and one dinning room. Make it bigger than what you currently need, since your colony will grow, and you’ll need lots of food and lots of tables.

Part 3.5

You make a freezer by using AC units. You simply set their temp to below freezing, and the room will be turned into a freezer. BIG BIG TIP!! Use a double door system. Have one door that leads into the freezer, a small room used as a hallway, and then two doors, one leading to the dining room and one leading to the kitchen. This middle room will act to keep the freezer cold as colonist come in and out, dropping off and taking foodstuffs. The less doors you have leading to the freezer the better.

Part 4

After your base is decently up and running, you have food and housing all good to go, start worrying. Somethings coming. You and I have no clue what it will be, you won’t know till you get an event envelope on the right side of your screen saying what’s happening. So my advice to prepare for that inevitable event is to make sure you 1. Have all you colonists equip with some kind of a weapon. Even using wood is better than nothing. 2. Have an infirmary. If it’s a raid, a transport pod crash, or a chased refugee then the chances are you’ll need it. Heck, it might even be a plague outbreak.

Part 4.4

3. Have a prison. It can be small, I usually start out with one room and five beds, one table and two chairs. Then as the game goes on I add more and more of these single rooms. My advice is to make sure prisons aren’t by the edge of the map. Sometimes prisoners will attempt to escape, and we don’t want that now do we? 4. GROW HEALROOT ASAP!! Medicine is needed. You can sell it if you have too much, but it’s disastrous if you don’t have enough.

Don’t forget some kind of joy source. Horse shoe is the best option for early game. It’s found under the joy tab in the building menu. There’s multiple options there, but horse shoe is cheap, fast, and easy.

Part 5

I already stated some events, but there’s more.
~Incapacitated refugee is one where you have to go out to the world map and rescue someone on another tile. Do not attempt unless you are good fighters, there will be some kind of an ambush.
~There’s also resource pod crash, which is very nice. Who couldn’t use resources from space? There’s no telling what you’ll get. I’ve gotten food, weapons, drugs, clothing, medicine, rocks, cloth, leathers, and all kinds of weird things.
~Plethora of mental junk. Scarfing food? Check. Drug abuse? Check. Digging up the desiccated corpses of loved ones? Check. Insulting every living thing you come across? Check. Randomly hitting things? Check. Setting things on fire just cause? Check. Wandering around because everything sucks? Check. Get the idea?

Part 5.5
~ Peace Talks. Some of the enemies don’t always want to stay enemies. You can encourage these events by releasing prisoners. Tip: Don’t release unhealthy/hurt prisoners. Jimmy’s so bleeding out lets not release him yet.
~ Faction Base Proximity. Look I get it, the holy land was three tiles away from where Jimmy lives, not a problem. You’ll lose a bunch of points with that faction, and probably go to war with them, but once you get like 10 colonists who are trained and have weapons you can always just kill the other colony.
~ Mad Animals. Sometimes the rats and squirrels just turn feral. Be careful when it’s lethal animals. Manhunter groups- draft all the colonists, right click the inside of a room, forbid the door, wait it out.

There’s many other events, but that’s all learned by playing for yourself.

Part 6

Play 20 hours unmodded without dev mode turned on so that you can learn the basics. Rimworld is all about you planning and making a colony and hoping that your little digital dudes survive. And trust me, most of them won’t. There will be times when a bunch of enemy colonists will attack, or mechanoids will butcher all but one of your people, and you’ll want to quit, but learning how to survive that is what makes it fun. And most of those scenarios only happen in difficult game modes.

Buy it now if you’re into sandbox games that require logic and planning.

(Just because I feel like I need to touch on it, yes you can get very into organization with stockpile zones, dumping zones, and weapon racks, but at the beginning I recommend keeping them short and sweet. Have one stockpile zone that is for food and dead ANIMAL corpses, and put that in your freezer. Have a second stockpile zone that has everything except chunks, food, and dead animal bodies, and have a dumping stockpile for chunks and dead bodies of humans. NOT ANIMALS.)

Part 7

(Also for first time players, you can priotitize what tasks the colonist do. Such as cooking, cleaning, hauling, crafting, art, research, building, farming, harvesting, doctoring, social, animals, blah blah blah, and you can get very in depth with it. Don’t. I have almost 1000 hours in game, and it still is difficult for me to do that well. Skip adding ‘1st priority,’ ‘2nd priority,’ ‘3rd,’ ‘4th.’ just do the simple ‘Check’ or ‘Blank.’ Do or don’t do.

(Something I would recommend for first time workers is changing their schedule. From 6-8 in the morning have the colonists do joy activities. Then from 9-13 have them work, from 14-15 let them do anything then have them work until 20.En

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