Sergals Gnolls Lions and Frogs

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Now 1.2 compatible!

Last Updated: 31-08-2020

Sergals, Gnolls, Lions and Frogs!

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Generally poor at shooting and occasionally allergic to the opposite gender, Sergals are pretty flimsy.
Gnolls are good with pointed sticks and the like.
Lions are fancy and tough, but easily upset if left unfancy.
Frogs are easy going junkies with bright colours
We will be tweaking their stats as time goes on.

Now released to the public!

NOTE: updates may come slowly.


Jack Aufenhand – Coder, big time sprite guy, C# ‘expert’, sergal, lion and frog general manager, eater of sandwiches
WHARRGARBLBLBLE: Full time miracle worker and Chief of Gnoll General Management, Implementation, and Execution
Mori – Beta Tester
Totally Not Gor – Totally not a beta tester and part time sprite guy
Soul the Sergal – Description picture. (Isn’t he just adorable?)


Create a music box
Make lions… royal [DONE]Integrate races into vanilla factions [IN PROGRESS]

Currently none? Fingers crossed.


The lost gnolls of both The Other Mod and the ones we lost trying to alter ours so both mods could live together in peace. Honor a gnoll at a gnoll crematorium every day.

  • I got three new colonists over various events: Two gnolls and a lion. However, they are all bald humans. I’ve read your comment about ‘interloping’, but three out of three seems a bit much. I’d like to have a real lion, and not some bald meatbag that any lion would feel insulted being compared to. I’d even go for a smelly gnoll if it means getting some diversity into my colony!- New colonists were advertised as being Gnoll/Lion- Race and looks are human. Name, backstory and everything else is Gnoll/ Lion- all Gnoll-Humans and Lion-Humans are bald- A real Gnoll tried to raid me – so Gnolls do seem to work in general. Just not when I get them via event.- Events were: Downed colonist, forced weather, requesting helpers.
  • Rassn Creeg hates the avali because he lived in a colony with them and they treated him like an outsider. No one would let him in their pack, and his own contained only himself and his overtly racist brother. Rassn went on to do military service like his big brother, but was then put on an assignment to assassinate Rais because his racism had evolved into a terror plot. Rassn pleaded with his squadmates to let him talk Rais down, but they heard none of it. Rais was murdered and Rassn finally snapped. He killed his squadmates, went AWOL, and spent about a decade concocting a virulent disease that killed many, many avali.He was eventually stopped by Dr Eitaku, and while justice was served, the wounds never healed. Sergal and Avali relations remain tense, even to this day.
  • Beamers are that expensive because they essentially nullify the risk of mental breaks. +50 mood boost is nothing to laugh at. However, they shouldn’t cost 200 gold. I will modify that ingredient, but it will still remain expensive. I’ll also make it sell better. As for blotters: try selling them. You will make profit off them, and a handsome one at that. And power thirst? That’s plenty cheap if you go and raid a frog village.Also – your drugs will sell a lot better if you produce some sniff and have your salesman take it before making a sale. These drugs cost a lot because they are either very powerful or very good to sell. Power thirst, for example, is like a supercharged version of go-juice. It tanks up your pawns like hell. Antisick cures a shitload of diseases like malaria, plague, and gut worms.
  • Heyo, I get the following Error log, and lots of purple box heads when I try and set up colonies.The following HairDefs have misconfigured texPaths or missing textures: Sergal_Hair_Braided (from Sergals, Gnolls and Lions), Sergal_Hair_Curly (from Sergals, Gnolls and Lions), Sergal_Hair_Cut (from Sergals, Gnolls and Lions), Sergal_Hair_Fluffy (from Sergals, Gnolls and Lions), Sergal_Hair_Long (from Sergals, Gnolls and Lions), Sergal_Hair_Ponytail (from Sergals, Gnolls and Lions), Sergal_Hair_Reverse (from Sergals, Gnolls and Lions), Sergal_Hair_Shaggy (from Sergals, Gnolls and Lions), Sergal_Hair_Short (from Sergals, Gnolls and Lions), Sergal_Hair_Spiky (from Sergals, Gnolls and Lions), Sergal_Hair_Straight (from Sergals, Gnolls and Lions), Sergal_Hair_Swepped (from Sergals, Gnolls and Lions)Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)
  • Are you kidding man? By combining those ingredients to make blotter you are making a loss in market value. The drugs just make no sense man, yayo already is cocaine so why is there sniff? If you think beamers are just too op to be cheap, then make them use more flake for example, not just stuff gold in them man. Also makes no sense for them to have 1% addictiveness, with them having such a high mood boost and being literally made out of crack. And then blotters, again it makes no sense for LSD to be made out of cocaine, these would have been perfect to be crafted out of large amounts of frogleaf or something. LSD is also cheap, so it doesn’t make sense for it to be as expensive as it is right now. As with powerthirst, well it’s kinda weird that it needs the skin of the race it makes most sense to be made by. The drugs just seem like someone made them to make their perfect OP colony, and was lazy with the recepies.
  • Ah yes. So, fun fact: the lions don’t have any vanilla compatibility. They have a decent amount of health to make up for it, but they are very fancy creatures that do not deign to wear the rags of commoners. They come from a society where looking good and being *fancy* is paramount, so to wear a regular normal-person armour is just utter piffwozzle. At least, that’s the lore-friendly reason. The real reason is that I could not make hats work with lions – their manes are too magnificent to be tamed – and the best way to prevent that from happening was by preventing them from wearing anything that isn’t from their race. End result: they have their own unique stuff, usually with fancy names. You can build it at a tailoring bench/machining table.They are also compatible with Orassan armour because cats are pretty fancy and that was the mod that got me into modding rimworld. tl;dr: they looked stupid with hats on so they must wear custom lion clothes to prevent looking stupid.

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