VGP Xtra Trees and Flowers 1.0

MOD Desc
This is the old version of my mods on steam.

When 1.1 came out i released a new separate 1.1 version.

I have since learned how to multi-version my mods and the 1.1 releases have both 1.0 and 1.1.

Those can be found here in this collection:
Vegetable Garden 1.0 / 1.1 Collection

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Being nice…. Being a hero…. Being helpful?

Forget that crap, Become a sick sonvobeech… kidnap enemies tear their limbs off, bit by bit before they die and profit… re-use them as dinners to furniture… Make a butt-load of dangerous drugs and sell them to simple natives who don’t understand ‘Addiction’ and ‘Blood rage from druggy nanites who make you kill your entire family for more’ Your stuck on a crappy lil planet with mass amounts of knowledge like, Hentai and anime… your one goal is to get off this planet and return to civilization and catch up with the latest hottest animes, But will you survive long enough to even get back? will the incompetence of man get you first? the filthy germs on this gross planet? Or perhaps an angry blood hungry flesh eating caerbannog like rabbit horde. . . or have a mental break down because you din’t eat your human steak on a table but the floor, god forbid the floor ANYTHING… but the floor, that’s inhumane.

I give this game a 10/10 It will get you frustrated over the most silly / annoying things, It will make you laugh and cheer in joy as you overcome hard challenges, It’s honestly a bundle of schizophrenia with a hint of CBT.

Prison Architect, but not owned by Paradox.
Jokes aside, it’s a rather good settlement / base builder that requires a lot of thought and patience, so if you’re easily upset or aren’t into these sort of micro-management games, best stay away for sanity sake, that really puts you in the sad spectator view of your colony as you slow but surely watch them build their way to the top so they can eventually escape the hell planet that they’re on, you’ll try your damn hardest to keep them alive, but they’ll probably end up going insane over the smallest thing and butcher each other at night. It’s a fantastic game though about the human mind, and this sort of thing would probably happen if Australians were forced on another remote island by themselves once again, which is pretty accurate as you can tame every animal imaginable or eat them alive too. But in short, it’s a good way to past the time, put on some music or whatever, maybe a video and watch the time fly by, and if there’s you don’t like or wish was in the game, the community workshop as your back, as I’m pretty sure that thing has everything you could possibly imagine, but try to pick it up once it’s cheap, the base price is kind-of steep.

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