Change map edge limit

MOD Desc
Simple mod that allows you to customize ‘too close to map edge’ limits when placing buildings, blueprints or zones. Should works with any other mod (unless is doing the same thing).

This mod is not intended to build perimeter walls. Use it with caution

Dependencies This mod depends on Harmony and Hugslib. Load Harmony before Core and Hugslib before this mod.

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FAQ – Can I add/remove this to existing game?
Yes, just remove plans within 10 tiles from edge or you will stuck with them.
Do I’m risking broken raids?
No, even enclosing whole map is not preventing raids from spawning, but visitor needs at least one free edge tile.
What is new limit?
– By default: 0, you can change that in mod settings.
Can I safely use ‘0’?
– Yes, I’m using ‘0’. You just should leave at least 1 tile (1 single square) at edge for visitors.

Updates 1.0.1
– changed default settings to 0
– disabled original functions
– update for RW 1.1
– added dependencies to xml
– update for RW 1.2

  • I already had Harmony loaded before core. I set this mod and one other that wasn’t working (No Debris) near the top of my mods list and now they both work. The mods I think they both could have possibly been incompatible with are [KV] Configurable Maps – 1.1 and Cleaning Area. Though before 1.1 this always worked with Configurable Maps, I only got cleaning area because its better version isn’t being updated anymore, so I don’t really know
  • Raids will spawn inside walls (could be less often – not every click in dev tool works), but always they can land on top of your roof.Visitors are main problem in this example, they need at least one tile somewhere on the edge, otherwise they won’t spawn. Also Travelers should spawn when there are 2 tiles at different edges.If you not sure, just save game and go to dev mode, then spawn raid or map event (Visitors, traveler).I have no problems with reading, just my writing skill is very poor 😉 Thanks anyway
  • I meant 1 single square not full ‘border’, setting 0 is perfectly fine. You can even build full perimeter at the very edge with one single tile open, and visitors will come. However, I don’t remember if I’ve tested ‘passers-by’, but they will be fine in normal conditions. Attacks will use drop pods if unable to walk-in from edge.If you unsure, test your save with developer tools, there are options to spawn visitors.
  • People… mod authors share their work freely so let’s show some appreciation and respect. Here’s a free template, please feel free to use it…[Mod Author],Hello! I’m uncertain as to how the most recent update may affect your mod’s compatibility and am concerned that it could cause problems in my game. Prior to your review I’m hesitant to use it. If you are willing and able I would greatly appreciate your efforts to update it if needed or confirm that it is compatible with the latest version. I know that you of course have many things going on in real life that are more important than maintaining this mod. Your mod is very important to me so I will wait patiently. Your mod cost me nothing yet has brought me so much enjoyment. You made and published it out of the goodness of your heart and asked for nothing in return which is absolutely awesome! I thank you for your time and hope all is well with you.Best wishes,A loyal fan of your mod =)
  • I should probably do some testing myself, but if i were to build a wall leaving no space around the map, does that mean no enemies can attack me. Or does it actually mean the game will instantly break and a black hole will form caused by the paradox given from a faulty line of code where there is a 2 in a 0 and 1 binary. Congrats if you read this far.
  • You’re good. Also, I was working on my mods a little bit more and now I think if it wasn’t one of those other two, it might have been the Vanilla Furniture Expanded mods messing things up. I noticed a few other mods I use acting up but moving those ones to the very bottom of my mods list seems to have fixed all the others?

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