[XND] Profitable Weapons

MOD Desc
Overview In vanilla RimWorld, it’s impossible to profit from producing weapons due to their pitiful 20% sell price multiplier; you’re always better off selling their raw materials. The reason why such a multiplier exists in the first place is so that it wasn’t ridiculously easy to profit from raids, but as mentioned previously, this approach had its side-effects.

With Profitable Weapons, the weapon sell price multiplier gets increased to 100% (configurable through mod settings) which puts it in line with apparel, but also introduces a tainted-esque system for weapons to maintain original balance, albeit with a few notable differences:

  • Looted weapons will be marked with a (U) tag to help distinguish them from non-looted weapons.
  • Looted weapons will have their sell price multiplier multiplied by 20% by default (configurable through mod settings), the same as the vanilla multiplier.
  • There isn’t a mood penalty associated with equipping a looted weapon, unlike tainted apparel which is anywhere from -3 to -8.
  • Looted weapons can still be sold to traders unlike tainted apparel.

Weapons gain the (U) tag if dropped by raiders or friendlies, if used 20 times, or if dropped from trader inventories – the latter two are configurable through mod settings. Remember that the aforementioned pawns don’t have to die for their weapons to be marked as ‘looted’; them simply being downed is enough. Weapons that are dropped by colonists, colony caravans or prisoners (i.e. prison breaks) won’t get marked.

Two new stockpile filters have also been added so that you can keep looted weapons out of your main selling stockpiles, or if you want to configure workbench bills (e.g. electric smelters) so that your colonists don’t smelt non-looted weapons which are perfectly good for selling.

Powered by Harmony Patch Libary.

Compatibility Mods:
Compatible with Combat Extended. Also works with MendAndRecycle and Nano Repair Tech – mending a looted weapon will remove looted tags just like how mending tainted apparel removes tainted tags, but this can be disabled in mod settings.

Can be added to existing savegames, but only newly-generated weapons will be flagged as ‘looted’ upon being dropped; existing weapons won’t be marked. Flickering may occur if removed from ongoing saves though.

Credits Mehni – for tolerating my endless questions, offering tons of advice and guidance, and generally being awesome. I probably couldn’t have done this without him; huge thanks! He also makes some great mods; I’d highly recommend checking them out.
NoImageAvailable – For helping me with getting this mod to work properly with MendAndRecycle while keeping things simple. Another huge thanks!
ChJees and Erdelf – offering more advice and guidance. Big thanks!
Pardeike (AKA Brainz) – for making Harmony. This was so much easier to do thanks his work!
Why_Is_That (AKA The Saladspinner of Woe) – for making the SettingsHelper, and Uuugggg for improving it.
Other Contributors – Aidolii

Links GitHub releases: https://github.com/XeoNovaDan/ProfitableWeapons/releases
Source code: https://github.com/XeoNovaDan/ProfitableWeapons

For 1 Grand Statue made out of Gold you need to invest 2200 Gold, finding that much by yourself might actually be impossible, so you end up buying some of it for 11-13 bucks (the value in the Info-Window of Gold is stated as 10$), so you put like 22.000$ of worth (Minimum) into that Staue. Let’s say you have an inspired Colonist and craft a Legendary Grand Statue made out of pure Gold (the value in the Info Window is stated at 25.000$). A trader comes over, you smell FAT money, and the Trader offers you… 20.000$… I mean, COMMON, we’re talking about L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y here! And that’s only 3k+ the original value of the Gold? And because Traders never pay 100% i get even less then i put into it? Now just imagine if i would dare to ‘only’ make a Masterwork or Excellent, i shudder to think about it! So i end up always only making Wooden Statues, this is Wood i at least can sell, unlike pure Wood, which only Tribes-People are interested in.

**Balance suggestion**I found that perfect weapons marked L can be left outside, degrade to 99% and be mended back to new with little effort, zero materials consumption and full profit.Suggestion: on top of what is required to mend the weapon normally, have the removal of L cost an amount of work and ‘mending fuel’ scaled with base value and/or quality (de-looting a masterwork sniper rifle should be much more expensive than de-looting a poor steel knife, but would yield a much higher return)Idea is that de-looting should still be profitable overall, but not so no-brainer as it is now and maybe for normal or better the overall balance should not be so advantageous to be worth the effortPS: i know I can disable ‘mending removes looted’, but I like to keep it

Awesome, now you can actually sell guns for profit.After checking it in game I noticed one issue. You only have an ‘Allow Scavenged’ tag without also an ‘Allow Non Scavenged’ tag. This can be an issue with stockpiles and production bills. You can allow scavenged weapons in a stockpile or bill but not disallow non scavenged weapons.This means you’ll have non scavenged weapons end up in a stockpile you don’t want or have non scavenged weapons get smelted for scrap if it matches your priority/radius/hp/quality settings. It’s the same sort of issues you can run into occasionally with non dead mans apparel and rotten. It’s not a major problem since you can get around this stuff by changing the radius setting on bills or using different priority settings but it can be a bit finicky.

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