Misc. Robots++ РУС

MOD Desc
Машинное преобразование и последующи

‘Что-либо’ — ‘Перевод’
без кавычек.

Сам перевод можете использовать как пожелаете.
You can use this translation as you wish.

Robots++ Contains The Following Bots:
— Kitchen Bot
A unit capable of cooking, and tending to plants.

— Crafter Bot
A unit capable of smithing, tailoring, and crafting.

— Builder Bot
A unit capable of build and destroying structures.

— ER Bot
An Emergency Response unit capable of treating patients and fighting fires.

— Omni Bot
The OmniBot is at the end of the techtree
and requires you to research all of the other robots first.
The OmniBot can do the jobs of all the other robots.

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