Not Only just a cannon

MOD Desc
Nothing But just a cannon Updated , now we are ‘Not only just a cannon’ XD.

still need some debug but it should be stable now


— added —
Early Mortar
Forted Cannon
Forted Mortar
Swivel Gun
Pivot Gun

All of them with Features capability patch for vanilla Weapon extend and Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Security.

Prison Architect, meets Firefly, meets Dwarf Fortress, with a little bit of Factorio thrown in there for good measure as well.

It’s a blast.

Do you like building settlements and houses? This game is for you.
Do you like sci-fi westerns? This game is for you.
Do you like characters with flaws and personality? This game is for you.
Do you like micromanaging every little possible detail? This game is for you.
Are you looking for a good laugh? This game is for you.
Are you looking to get a little sad for a bit? This game is for you.

I’ve had several games turn into disasters very quickly, but that’s part of the fun. I’ve learned something new every play through.
I was on the fence for a long time before I finally bit the bullet. I don’t regret it one bit.

You ever want to fall into a black hole?

Then play this game.

So.. I have played this game in both vanilla and modded. Vanilla is dope as it is, it is fun but it needs a little bit of ‘uhmp,’ if you know what I mean. Then you discover mods… and now you’re in a black hole. That’s not even the fun part–in my opinion. Making a background story for your colonists is probably what makes this game the best. You ever wanna be a colony of cannibals? You can. You even wanna be a colony of pure cybernetic-hardworking-psychopath-doctor-builder-trader? You can. The best run I’ve had while playing this game is having cannibalistic-psychopath-masochists colony. Harvest their organs, sell them for profit, then eat their bodies, everyone is happy. Sounds like a great game to me.

10/10 for everything.

I bought this game when it was in Alpha 7, I’ve been playing ever since then. Every week I love to just relax on the weekends and watch my colony grow. Afer each update I created a new world and every time it felt like the game went through an evolution. My favourite update was when they added the extented health system. If you love games that are base-builders, overseer, and controling a settlement, then you will love this game, and I highly recommend that you try living in the tundra when you have gained some experience. Living in the tundra is my favourite spot to live in because it presents a really challenge.

Although it is a great game remember than it’s still in Alpha and bugs/errors/crashes can still happen.

9/10 Overall
10/10 if they make it so that you can name the animals yourself.

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