[WD] Expanded Artillery

MOD Desc
Description: A pretty big content mod. Adds 3 new types of mortars and cannons, reasearches and recipes for them.

This mod is designed for Merciless Permadeath.
So it can be OP on easymedium difficulty.

Features: – Adds 3 new cannons:
1. Advanced Mortar.
Works like normal mortar, but has much higher accuracy and 20 second cooldown instead 28 second.
2. Cannon.
‘Horizontal’ mortar which has high rate of fire. Can’t shoot over walls.
3. Long-range cannon.
Deals very heavy damage, has very high accuracy, but with very long cooldown and expensive shells.

– Adds a better texture for Vanilla mortar.
– Adds 3 new researches. ‘Mortars’ research costs 1500 instead 2000 now.
– ‘Sieges’ can have Advanced Mortars and Long-range Cannons as well 😉
– Doesn’t override anything.

Planned things:
– Fix known issues 😀

Known Issues:
– ‘Cannons’ can’t be built under roof
– Sometimes raiders don’t build ‘Long-range cannons’ and ‘Advanced mortars’ during sieges, having all resources for that.

Saved games compatibility:
Installation: no known problems.
Remove: no know problems, not recommended.

Other mods compatibility:
Mortar Accuracy
– The majority of other mods.
Combat Extended Too many different mechanics that I have no idea how to deal with.
Tranquilizer guns Will probably work correct, but with Vanilla mortars only.

Previous and non-Steam versions [www.dropbox.com]
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  • hey bud, just a quick update,after 2 hours of mod load order tweaking, and a massive headache lol, i managed to get a load order that doesn’t tripper red-liners (or least for now),in terms of mods activating – the log appears clear.booted the game, selected mortor – clear, selected steel cannon – and got the below triggerCannot draw radius ring of radius 80: not enough squares in the precalculated list.Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.GenDraw:DrawRadiusRing(IntVec3, Single)RimWorld.Building_TurretGun:DrawExtraSelectionOverlays_Patch1(Object)RimWorld.SelectionDrawer:DrawSelectionOverlays()RimWorld.MapInterface:MapInterfaceUpdate_Patch2(Object)RimWorld.UIRoot_Play:UIRootUpdate()Verse.Root:Update_Patch1(Object)Verse.Root_Play:Update()dev-mode built a steel cannon, upon selected the steel cannon, the above log triggered.
  • Cannot draw radius ring of radius 80: not enough squares in the precalculated list.Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.GenDraw:DrawRadiusRing(IntVec3, Single)RimWorld.Building_TurretGun:DrawExtraSelectionOverlays()RimWorld.SelectionDrawer:DrawSelectionOverlays()RimWorld.MapInterface:MapInterfaceUpdate()RimWorld.UIRoot_Play:UIRootUpdate()Verse.Root:Update()Verse.Root_Play:Update()————————————-turned off all the mods this time around, so you can get a better idea of where the red liner comes from :).only mods active this time around areMod-eCoreMod ManagerShowModDesignators[WD] Expanded Artillery——————————-the mod-e and mod managerare pretty much just an organizer for the mod list,showmod designator only adds the mod the content comes from at the bottom of the i tab in gamethey pretty much dont do anything to the game itself
  • I have a couple recommendations. First, thanks for making this mod!Presently, I see no need for me to ever research Cannons tech. Long-range cannons are only locked behind Advanced mortars and they are clearly the best of all 4. Perhaps lock Long-range cannons research behind both Cannons and Advanced mortars, because of their strength?Also, once I have built a few long-range cannons and can reliably get enough chemfuel to make heavy high-explosive shells, there is really nothing else ever needed to defend a base. A skill check and allowing them to miss widely at extreme ranges could fit. Lastly, a resource cost increase for heavy shells. It would let mortars and regular cannons still see use. And then players would have to decide if using a few expensive heavy shells would be worth it. I easily keep a stock of 300.Using long-range cannons makes combat very easy. The first mass obliteration of a raiding party was hilarious. But after that, it sorta just feels unfair now.
  • (Update)ok my bad, i was wrong actually.all the mortors – work before i select the cannon and trigger the radius debug, all the mortors – still work after selecting the cannon and triggers the debug :).so seems that even tho the red-liners such a pain in the ass…it would ‘appear’ that theres no lasting effect to it triggering :)….So…… maybe adding a little note for your mod stating that the cannons do/could trigger a radius debug but it doesn’t seem to cause any conflicts/crashes/errors.and maybe that your not sure whats actually causing it, who knows someone might comment on how to fix it 🙂 ——————–All in all tho, it works perfectly fine, the long-range cannons with the warheads pack a nice little punch that can be used to a mech horde :D, and i sir, salute you for that .

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