ZARS Tribal Reborn [B19]

MOD Desc
ZARS Tribal Reborn: A Tribal Essentials Clone For B19 ORIGINAL AUTHORS: RimRue [A17], Rainbeau Flambe [B18]

This is an unofficial* b19 update of RimRue’s ‘Tribal Essentials’ mod from A17 and Rainbeau Flambe from B18. All original credit goes to them!

This mod adds new tribal items for those players who want to play a tribal scenario and who don’t want to rush into research. It includes joy items, production spots for butchering, brewing, art, tailoring, stonecutting and researching, a smokepit, a stone oven, psychoid tea, cooked eggs, popcorn, and art, apparel, walls and flooring. – RimRue from A17

Update Push: ZARS Production required if wanting to use other mods.
Tribal Reborn’s (Tribal Essential) work spots will not be patched for other mods, ZARS Production will be. THIS DOES NOT REQUIRE ZARS CORE!

Part of the ZARS Collection ZARS Core – Zero Available Resources & Survival
ZARS Thermo – Powered Survival Additions
ZARS Production – Spots
ZARS Tribal Reborn – A Tribal Essentials Clone For B19
ZARS Simple Fish – Fishing

Compatiblity Fixes: – The defs are almost all backward compatible with B18 Tribal Essentials. I need a confirmation.
– The only bare-bone def rename was ‘FloorWood6’ -> ‘FloorWoodBarn’
– DoubleSleepingSpot was removed as it is now in B19.
– BedRolls were removed as they are now in B19.
– PatchedLeather was removed as it is now in B19. New version crafted at Tailor Spot.
– Great Bow requires only Recurve Bow research. Craft at Crafting Spot, or Smithy as normal.
– Pila requires Tribal Warfare before being able to craft at Crafting Spot.
– Psycoid Tea (visually) renamed to Tribal Psycoid Tea to avoid confusion with Psycite Tea.
– All texture file naming renamed from (‘front’, ‘back’, ‘side’) to (‘south’, ‘north’, ‘east’).
Smoked Meat is now a Meal. Originally was Raw Meat with now unsupported exclusion tags.
– Basic Traps patch has been changed after finding a rename bug.
– Harmony DLL functions have been kept as it seems to still be stable, at least on load.
– Researching Spot does not require any research to make custom zero-start scenarios work.
– Woven Cloak and Hat can be made from Leather now too.
– Some Primitive Floors recipe costs for flooring have been rebalanced to make more sense.
– All crafting spots are now depreciated, use ZARS Production if wanting to use other mods with Tribal Reborn.
– Smoked Meat is in the category of Raw Meat, and can be used for Meals
– Stone Oven is now compatible with other mods including VGP Vegetable Garden
– Apparel Hoods have been corrected for B19 temperature changes, they are actually useful.

Recommended Tribal-like ModsTribal Raiders – by Rainbeau Flambe – Add to enhance the merged version.
Tribal Instruments – by Hansenbansen
Ivory and Jade Carving – by Sunlace
Grub Farm – by Quothcraft
Knot Root – by Quothcraft

Merged Mods
TRIBAL ESSENTIALS – by RimRue & Rainbeau Flambe

Primtivie Floors – by Hydromancerx & others

  • Consolidated floor submenus

Animal Hoods – by Diana (Kitty)

  • Crafted at Tailor Spot

Tribal Raiders – by RimRue & Rainbeau Flambe

  • B19 Version will restore all features, optional.
  • Removed backstories for compatibility
  • Slightly rebalanced.

Hay Skirt – by Fierydraken

  • Made from wood or hay at Tailoring Spot.
  • Minor texture resize.

Merge RequestsSurvivalist’s Additions – Too big and a project of its own.

Known Issues: – Some research boxes are not positioned correctly. Recommended to use Research Pal or Fluffy’s Research Tab
– (Confirmed) Few recipes might not make sense for their ingredients.
– (Unconfirmed) Few recipes might not be even craftable due to me derping on the new xml tags.

ORIGINAL AUTHORS – 3DGrunge (Tribal Armor Breastplates)
– Bacon Bits (Pitfall Traps)
– CuproPanda (Earthen Mounds)
– ItchyFlea (Log Walls)
– MasterDihtung (Pottery)
– Mouf (Psychoid Tea and Patchwork Leather)
– Tammabanana (Smokepit)
– Telkir (Stone and Wood Floors)
– TrueDestroyer (Double Sleeping Spot)
– RimRue, for putting it all together in the first place!
– Rainbeau Flambe for porting it to B18

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  • I’m not sure a custom patch would have to be made. Granted, I am no modder and certainly not an expert, but there are any number of mods which add cooking stations and they have a way of simply adding custom recipes to their own. The Stoney Campfire mod for example automatically includes any recipe added to the campfire when it loads, no matter the source of the new recipe. That being said, it isn’t a huge deal either way.
  • Just a thought, seeing as you’re apparently merging some other discontinued tribal mods into this one, you might consider reviewing CuproPanda’s Survivalist Essentials as a candidate. Not technically a tribal mod, but lots of good tribal stuff, and he’s stated that he’s no longer supporting his Rimworld mods.
  • Thanks for updating this! Tribal Essentials became… er… essential in my playthroughs ;)Would you be able to please make a small tweak for me? I’m the author of the Golgafrinchans mod, and when you use both that mod and TE together, the TE base tech isn’t researched by default. This makes it impossible to construct a research spot. Would you be able to please remove the researchPrerequisites tag from the ResearchingSpot def? This would allow the spot to be created by any mod that uses a custom / no tech start.
  • Thank you so much for this mod! Just a couple of quibbles… 😉 Tribal armour messes up temperature resistance something awful – I have pawns getting hypothermia at 16 degrees C, which is odd cos they are comfortable to -6 with just a loincloth on. Also, could we get hide cloaks? Seems silly to have to grow hay when I have all this leather lying around (plus they’d look cool in different colours)
  • Also, probably would want to reconsider the prices on the primitive floors now that that mod is incorporated. 15 wood per square of floor is, frankly, pretty ridiculous and essentially makes those floors entirely worthless. Even deep in a forest you’ve got better things to do with your wood than spend it so extravagantly (once you have that much wood, you probably have the resources to just… make better floors.)

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