Burial Urns

MOD Desc
Ornate burial urns for the honored dead.

1×1 in size and 20 base beauty, these little decorative pots are fantastic for honoring your favorite warriors, crafters or anyone you like!

Urns placed in a freezer will also keep interred corpses frozen.

Original Author: Sunlace
Currently Maintained By: Sixdd

I like this game a lot.
A group of bandits came to burn my crops down; they caused quite a ruckus but I managed to fend them off and capture about 9 of them.
I took them all in, harvested their non essential organs, harvested their eyes, jaw, nose, ears, legs, hands, feet, arms, a lunch, a kidney and whatever I could salvage while keeping them alive. I made sure though to ensure at least 1 of the invaders had 1 eye so that when I released them she could lead the rest of the captives back home.
I made sure to install wooden peg legs on everyone before releasing them so they could wobble home; and thanks to my kindness of sparing them, the enemies stopped invading and became pretty happy since I returned their people all alive and well.
Pretty neat game.

Pros – Everything
Cons – Ate without a table

Pretty straightforward colony simulator that maintains a perfect balance of complexity and simplicity.

It’s a game in your library that will sit for a minute before you decide to play it one day cause your bored and you might as well as you put money on the game. Next thing you know your 70 hours in on your 3rd attempt, exporting space drugs and putting the definition ‘man-made’ in your man made hats.

It’s a game that’s beautiful to binge. And there is nothing more beautiful than the lovely mod community, and the community in general is an honorable mention, seeing as they aren’t seeking to cause trouble among each other, as they can just relieve anger on the pawns. (all pawns matter :c)

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