Milkable Colonists

MOD Desc
Will try and update to 1.1 sometime this month when I find time, I do not plan on getting the Royal DLC so support for that is not guaranteed.

Makes colonists and prisoners milkable using a drug. Craft Lact-X at the Drug Lab
Craft Lact-MAX at the Drug Lab for permanent lactation
Compatible with pregnancy mods
Modifiers for mod that adds breast sizes
Does not work on animals.

Safe to add to saves (A new drug policy is required for it to add Lact-X)

FAQ Q. What the ♥♥♥♥?
A. Randy made me do it under threat of manhunting squirrels.

Mod races supported (Let me know if you want a race added)
If you think a race should produce something other than milk let me know!
I have now figured out how to add conditional patches to allow for items from other mods to be added as a milkable produce, so items from other mods that aren’t in the parent mod are now fair game.

  • Callistan
  • Astoriel
  • Fantasy Goblins
  • LotR Dwarf (Produces Beer)
  • LotR Elf
  • LotR Hobbit
  • Orassan
  • Ratkin
  • Twilek
  • Zabrak
  • Androids (Produces Chemfuel)
  • Avali (Produces chicken eggs, female only)
  • Argonian
  • Naga (Produces chicken eggs, female only)
  • Asari
  • Rimhammer 40k
  • Ferrex
  • Xenn
  • Leeani
  • Fenii
  • Frijjid
  • Gnoll
  • Equium
  • Drow
  • Mantodean (Produces Insect Jelly)
  • Android Tiers (Produces Nutrient Solution)
  • Crystalloid (Produces Crystal)
  • Logann
  • Arachne
  • Ferian
  • Cutebold
  • Orc Invasion
  • Xenohumans
  • Avian Races
  • Kilhn
  • Kurin
  • Elder Things (Produces Nutrient Paste Meals or Black Ichor Meals if you have Cults installed)
  • Star Wars Races
  • Apini (Produces Honey)
  • Quarian
  • Yabils
  • Beast Man Tribes
  • Rimcraft
  • Kijin
  • Warhammer’ish’: Dryad
  • Warhammer: Daemonettes
  • Warhammer: Skaven
  • Hisa
  • Kija – Creatures of Ki
  • Yautja
  • Thrumbo Race
  • Humanoid Project
  • Dragongirls

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  • oof, i checked i don’t have that mod and apparently the milk production works on humans and ferrex, but not on apini. maybe thats some honey name problem? the honey in apini have some different names, if thats the problem, i think that the yield should be 2 of all types as the honey machine produces 50 every 4 days, and the names are ‘Honey (Unflavoured) (Frostbell) (Emberose) (Metalily) (Bardsong) (Rusthorn) (Wiserbud) (Vigorbloom)’ sry for saying to add all these stuff, but i tried to understand the defs and i think ‘ApiniHoney’ isnt the correct one, and the apini mod also adds another race of bees called azuli or azuri o dont remember sry
  • It seems like when you use it on prisoner, they don’t produce milk. Prisoners doesn’t have a milk fullness status. However, as soon as the prisoner is recruited, we can see the milk status. I am guessing prisoner are like animals, so it doesn’t work? This make it a little disappointed to use this mod. I was planned to cut their legs off and milk them. LOL They also produce milk really really slow, so slow that I think it is not even worth it to use it even without the addiction. lol I honestly don’t know the purpose of this mod by this point with that milk producing rate. LIke.. just get a cow, it will be so much easier to manage a cow.
  • So I combined this mod with ‘War Crime’, ‘Brain Surgery’,’Simple Slavory’ and ‘Quarry’ together. I first removed part of prisoner’s brain to make them constantly +100 in mood, then I apply explosive collar to make them my slaves, and makes them live in a small room with raw corns right next to the Quarry where they dig everyday. And also apply Lact-Max to make them milk each others. They also have neutroamine sac growing on them from war crime mod. They will never try to escape nor Lact-Max withdrawal mental break because part of their brain with emotion control is removed. Basically, I have emotionless, milk + neutroamine producing, raw food eating, slaves miners working in a quarry. Ready to become suicide bomber anytime with their explosive collar, too!
  • Thank you for the information, I should be able to handle it on my end with that information :)Just a quick question to make sure that I understood, and to confirm… ‘Note that if you set milkIntervalDays to less than 1 it will cause milk fullness to always be at 100% causing an infinite milking loop’ – Does that apply only to whole numbers, like ‘0, or -1’, or also to fractions… Like if I tried to set it at ‘0.5’ (thinking that they would be milked twice a day), it would cause the always full loop?PS – ignore any haters who post here, and keep up the good work – I love this mod – For some reason, the thought of all of my male colonists unknowingly consuming lavish meals (meat, milk, and berries), made with the breast milk of the female colonists… just tickles-me-pink.

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