Optimization – RAID

MOD Desc
READ THIS about update for 1.1, Tynan already did a huge job to improve rimworld’s performance.
there’s already an expermiental version of this mod(structure is slightly different) but the difference is smaller than I expected. so for now, no update is planned.

Madeline’s RAID optimization for rimworld.

Changelog 1.0.1 – fixed bug that disables caravan incident
1.0.0 – mod published.

Details Madeline’s Optimization – RAID is a optimized code for rimworld raiding. in mid-late game(or early if you use lots of mods)
when the player is raided, the rimworld is freezed by making pawns and do other jobs for early 10 seconds or more.
this mod will use custom codes & optimize rimworld to prevent freezing from raid.

REMINDER safe to add in already playing game.
do not remove this mod while raid being executed. (raidee’s AI will be broken)
safe to remove when you’re not raided

mod order : below core, anywhere you want. mod doesn’t effected by load order.
if you experienced any bug, please raise an issue on github
go to github[github.com]

Compatiablity no issue with CE, Raids for me,
minor compatibility issue RimAtomics.
RimAtomics. -> remove TACS and ATOM to work properly (otherwise raid will not occur)
not compatible with preemptive Strike -> incompatible code code structure.

(that’s a 100000 raids and you’ll never get that just for testing)

thanks to…
thumbnail by @DChieh
Rimworld_Kor discord for help.

  • quote preemptive strike’s mod compatibility page.’- RimatomicsIn Rimatomics mod, there is an upgrade component named ATOM to the TACS, which can be used to detect threat ahead of time. So if you want to use Rimatomics and my mod together, do NOT install the ATOM to TACS. Otherwise, there would be a dead loop between Rimatomics’ detection and my detection.’
  • Ok so I think I understand how this mod works now and I will explain for anyone who is confused. So when Rimworld spawns raids the game spawns all the raiders at once. Just vomits them out. When this happens Rimworld is like ‘Hey CPU can you process this info for me.’ and the CPU is like ‘Yea here since you are a single core game take this core to use.’ Rimworld then proceeds to whip out a massive packet of info and tries to mash it into this one core and with many mods this ‘packet’ can be MASSIVE.(Along with is usual flow of info) So what this mod dose is instead of spawing a whole chunk of raiders it trickles them in one by one.
  • I have not had a good experience with this mod. Raiders wander around, get distracted by the local wildlife, bang on random walls, and generally get lost. They just wont get on with the raid! It actually saves a significant amount of time to REMOVE this mod and deal with the massive lag spike then deal with the distracted idiots this mod turns pawns into.
  • Madeline I have tested this with using CE + Rimatomics and then built a TACS (plus the ATOM upgrade for TACS) I know you have said it does not work but was testing.For me it spawns two raids. one comes in at the time of the ‘threat detected’ message from the TACS+ATOM and then the same raid comes again at the end of the warning message.hopefully this information helps if you can make it compatable it would be awesome : )
  • it would seem this mod has a problem with Raids For Me and Rimsenal, with Raids For Me it would force a raid from a random faction instead of the one you insulted and for Rimsenal it prevents the faction raiders from having any armor. Luckily both problems were solved by simply loading this after them. great mod by the way, long gone are my days of the game crashing when a raid shows up.
  • I personally find RimAtomics’ defenses and Preemptive Strike quite essential. Who’s at fault with the incompatibility? Since RimWorld seems to be programmed with mod support in mind, the code structure should be modular in nature and compatibility issues shouldn’t arise, so it should be relatively easy to work around these incompatibilities, shouldn’t it?

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