Toolmetrics Redux

MOD Desc
Work Tools for Pawns
This mod adds 41 weapon-slot hand tools aimed at non-combat usage for pawns to equip.

ToolMetric is created by Chronometric, definitely, 100%, why would I lie here.
The license asked me to word it that way.

Unofficial v1.4 for Beta 189

I hadn’t found time to fully test it, report any bugs or feature not working.


Skilled stonecutting must be loaded after this one.

Changes Made:

* Overhaul made to melee definition, due to change introduce to B18.
* Buff to animal related tool, due to the way tame and train chance are actually calculated.
* Brick Saw now affect sculpting.
* Updated definition to 1.0
* Some weight have been changed.
* Trade only tool now shows up in trade. Only bulk trader carry coupon and only exotic trader carry encyclopedia. How To are sold by several trader except tribal.
* Tools kits apparel, free your pawns hand. There are several different tool kits made to tailor to specific jobs.
* Added animal husbandry kit.
* New stats added to tool such as mech dissambly efficiency and mining yield.

Original description

This mod adds 41 weapon-slot hand tools aimed at non-combat usage for pawns to equip.


✔ Offer meaningful choices to the equipment system by giving pawns desirable non-combat options that compete for space and resources with combat options

✔ Provide more meaning to certain pre-existing mechanics, such as equipment racks, smithing, crafting spots and component tables.

✔ Allow for deeper end games with fewer pawns by increasing the ability of specialists pawns with sufficient resources as support.

✔ Makes establishing multiple colonies easier and more viable.


* New weapons category, ‘Tools’, that are equippable by pawns.

* 41 new tools, each of which provides benefits to a specific type of role within the colony, such as tailoring or plant cutting.

* Tools are balanced as melee weapons.

* Tools are tiered by technologies, and available to craft from smithing, tailoring, crafting spots, component benches, or machining tables.

* Raiders will occasionally spawn with tools, especially in low value raids or disorganized raiding parties. The majority of raiders will keep proper weapons.

* Tools are largely makeable from any available stuff, as opposed to specific recipes.


Given my current work schedule and lack of motivation I decided I am unable to continue to work on Rimworld mods and will be making an exit in the mod scene indefinetely.

I hereby will be allowing my work to be continued and published by other. I ask only for credit. This will apply to all my current workshop.

After some testing here is my opinions:There’s Too much things to craft, while it helps in a certain area it clogs the bill list, and creates an unnecessary complexity, you end up with workbenches that are set to only craft those items, and also you have the work to config each item.The bonus that the kits gives are too powerful.My idea:Divide in component so it reduce the amount of stuffs to create.Simple component that use any material e.g.(steel + ingredient)Medium component e.g.(Simple + silver + ingredient)Complex component e.g.(Medium + plasteel + expensive ingredient)(NOTE: the word ‘component’ is just a place holder)With this you use to craft a Tier 1 and Tier 2 tool (weapon slot) that the tool gives bonus to more skills e.g. (Tier 1 Power tool gives bonus to all constructions and mining skills), you can also fuse similar skills to reduce the amount of tools.

Yes, it was the recipe. Sorry if it sounded like I meant the skill. Because of other problems I wasn’t able to actually see if the duplicate tag actually cause any problems in the game. So if they get overwritten before the game uses them, then maybe it was more of a warning than an error. After posting I rearranged my mods to have the mods that optional add the tag conditionally go after Toolmetrics and it’s not there anymore. I posted the observation in case it could prevent reordering and restarting for other people. But if it won’t actually cause problems in the game I’ll just ignore it in the future.

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