[1.0] Tiberium Rim: Factions – Standalone Version

MOD Desc
This is a standalone version of the Factions from TiberiumRim, that means, no Tiberium, no Tiberium processing and no Tiberium effects. For that, visit the main mod, or rather the development branch, which will include the Factions once finished by default.

This is NOT the final version and implementation for the Factions, but merely a temporary version to offer access to existing content that we have created a while ago, while we continue development on the main TiberiumRim version.

This is and will be INCOMPATIBLE with any other version of TiberiumRim.

This version has been stripped from any Tiberium dependencies and technologies, also a lot of coded objects are not available anymore for the time being.

The final TiberiumRim release will contain the Factions by default, and will no longer have a seperate addon for it due to a lot of hardcoded entanglement between the two parts.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy!

This mod offers: – Faction implementation of the Brotherhood of Nod, GDI, Scrin and the Forgotten
– Research for both Nod and GDI
– Structures for Nod and GDI, production and defenses
– Various armor for Nod and GDI, and dropped armor from the Forgotten
– Various weapons for Nod and GDI, and dropped guns from the Forgotten

Units (Only for raiding/assisting factions):
– Scrin Units: Buzzers, Desintigrators, Shocktroopers and Mechapedes.
– Nod Units: Buggies, Flame Tanks, Avatars and Purifiers
– GDI Units: Wolverines, Mammoth Tanks and Disruptor Tanks
And various infantry with faction related weapons and armor!

Helpful Advice:
– To start the main research you will nead the Research Station found under the ‘Production’ tab, unlocked by researching Microelectronics.
– You may encounter the mentioned units inside mechanoid hives.. let’s just say that mechanoids managed to corrupt them.
– Automation Cores are dropped from the factions’ units!

Main Mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=868415092

Current Development Build: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1346865620

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  • While I’m flattered by the passionate defense, I think there is no reason for any of that here.I work on my mod at my pace and dont really let anyone bother me, patreons are free to join or leave, its always appreciated though to get support.I think GHOST however made a very assumptive statement, no patreon pays for me to work for them. Its never part of a unmentioned deal here.I also dont feel like repeating myself and posting discord links when its literally in the description – it seems like often people simply post a comment, expect a reply, even though the answer is right there. And I do read all steam comments, but wont answer every time, especially on repeated issues.
  • Okay, so the weight of high tier Armor (Zone Trooper and the like) Are SUPER HEAVY! As in if I make a Caravan, they won’t move because the Armor is Too heavy to move in, is it intended as a mean’s of balance? If so does anyone know of any good mod’s to increase the carry weight or something like it to solve the problem? I want it to be somewhat Fair and Balanced, but if my guys can’t be expected to move around different Zone’s in their top of the line Trooper Armor, then it might as well be traded in for some other mod’s high end armor.
  • Minor suggestion: More delay between juggernaut shots. Currently it operates in a rapid three-short burst with long reload times, which is accurate to the game. But it also makes it much harder to order single-shot barrages to prevent wasting ammo on minor targets (unless you focus your full attention on micromanaging the gun, taking your focus away from the rest of a battle).Reducing its reload time, but increasing delay between shots in a burst, will give it the same DPS/RoF as before but with more player control. (Or perhaps, maybe some sort of toggle button to switch between the two modes? Sustained rate-of-fire mode and burst mode?)
  • Hi! First of all, congratulations on making progress on probably the most anticipated mod in Rimworld’s community right now!A few questions:1) Are you eventually going to add research paths for the Forgotten and the Scrin, enabling us to play as them?b) As a follow up to the above question, is the Scrin going to be added as a new playable race in the Workshop?a) Are vehicles going to be playable and usable in the final build? I’ve heard that, in previous builds, the tiberium harvesters acted sort of independently, like drones or something. Will we be able to create and control them and other vehicles as well?Thank you very much for your dedication! You guys are an inspiration to modders everywhere!
  • I’ve encountered a bug (Or maybe its just not balanced) with the shockweaver. Its useless. GDI mortar does a good amount of damage using the bomb damage type, all good and dandy, upgraded to shockweaver and does only 10 damage to whatever.. It does go through walls when it impacts on them, which is nice, but still.. 10 damage with the long cooldown makes this weapon unusable. Checked the defs to see what made this weapon ‘Good for siege’ and found that the damagetype TRSiege is almost the same as the shock one, in that they are both using blunt damage, so I have no clue what’s special about this. As for the weapon def, the damage is quite low, only at 10 and the bullet mine thrown, while being able to fly over walls, combined with the ability to shoot without LOS, makes this usable for raiding, the damage is still trash.
  • Hello, I just noticed that for me the jumpsuits I craft just disappear, same with the ones taken from dead enemies.I also have a question, Is it possible to get the tech from both factions?I’m running version 1.0.2150 (64-bit)The modlist I got and the order they are loaded, to be able to get more help.CoreModslibGiddy-up! CoreGiddy-up! CaravanGiddy-up! BattlemountsQuestionable EthicsAlpha animalsKill For MeGenetic RimHunt for meWhat the Hack?!Tiberium Rim FactionsRaids For MeI wonder if any other people got the same problem with the jumpsuit.

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