No God! Please No!

MOD Desc
Changes your incident notification sound to Michael Scott yelling NO GOD! PLEASE NO!!
This used to be a mod however long ago, but I have no clue as to where it’s gone.
However, I’ve decided to bring it back from the dead!

I’m shocked that I waited so long to review this masterpiece. Maybe I was to bussy playing it. This is a gem! 10/10 my best purchase ever.

You can customise the difficulty from kindergarten to Dark Souls. While vanilla is already good for 1000 hours with the modding community I will play this game for ever!

I like it merciless. Let me walk you trough my usuall Rimworld experience. Don’t worry about spoilers, Rimworld can’t be spoiled.

I start with a single tribesman naked and alone. No equipment or even food. No research (Its a custom scenario). I choose random place random colonist. In extreme climate I barely last for a few days and if your random pawn is not able to do important stuff like medic or social it is usually over very soon too. But thats ok. Its mostly fun and innovative to try the struggle to just survive somehow with nothing. Here are 3 out of 10 runs ending after 1h gameplay.

After you managed to satisfy your basic needs like shelter, food and security. The colony is growing over time. I usually reach 5-7 colonists pretty easy only loosing 1 out of 10 runs in this phase. 3h – 10h of gameplay here. The early game ends here.

In the mid game, I am constantly increasing in wealth and numbers. Specially the breedingprogramm for animals is kicking in. Usually I need a second colony to feed the animals at about 10 – 12 colonists. The treaths are getting higher and you need to be prepared for attacks from every direction. Insects are crawling from the deepst of the mountains. Tribes and pirates are raiding from other colonies. Mechanoides are dropping from the sky. And there can always be mother nature that strikes you with bad weather or illness. Mid game ends for me at around 20 colonists and a very high research status. 3 out of 10 colonies are ending here and you can easily spend 20h+ in the midgame.

After midgame I’m strong in numbers and wealth and can reach out for perfection. You can have up to 5 colonys spread over different bioms. The colony is getting all the luxury they deserved after the rough start. Very nice looking comforable rooms and recreation activities. Little by little all the colonists are getting powerarmor, shieldbelts, laser weapons and more. Little scars are getting treated by replacing the whole bodypart with an powerful bionic or archotech part. You are prepared for most of the threats incomming. I can now go for the final goal rescuing my colony from the planet to a better place. The biggest threat remainig are the mechanoids attacking in massiv amounts. Until endgame credits I loose 2 more runs out of 10. Another 10h+ of gameplay

The last surviving run out of 10 could escape but at this point I never want to. So they stay at the rimworld, pushing for more wealth and special artefacts or relicts till at some point I want to start a new adventure from scratch or they finally got overrunned by mechanoids. My longest run was over 250h of gameplay.

Rimworld has become part of my life…

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