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Description This mod disables the creation of random relations during the game. No more blood relatives, ex-wives, lovers, etc showing up that should have been left behind. Relationships formed by your colonists during the course of the game, ‘social’ relations, and children (if using a mod which enables such a thing) should have relations generated normally.

Only newly created pawns will be affected. Existing pawns (including ones in the world) will not have their current relationships removed. If you wish to clear those as well, check out RuntimeGC or other mods which can clean up world pawns.

Mod compatibility It should be compatible with most mods. Other mods which also alter random relations are likely to have issues. If you find an incompatibility outside of those, please let me know and I can look into it.

Advanced 1.0: Two Harmony patches are applied:

  • Prefix: Verse.PawnGenerationRequest..ctor() – canGeneratePawnRelations is set to false
  • Prefix: RimWorld.PawnRelationUtility.TryAppendRelationsWithColonistsInfo() – returns false

1.1: One Harmony patch is applied:

  • Prefix: Verse.PawnGenerationRequest.CanGeneratePawnRelations – returns false

Requested by Darkagma on the RimWorld Discord Server[].

Year 12. While hunting a wild boar, Sabine is gored in the torso. This becomes infected. After weeks of struggle and being a burden to the team, she dies. Later, a starving crewmember gnaws on her frozen body, then goes on a berzerk rampage in which he kills the third crewmember in her sleep.

His toes are infected and he has frostbite. In the midst of his starving madness he’s attacked by three bandits. In desperation he blows a hole in the wall of an ancient building and giant insects come pouring out, killing the bandits.

He later succumbs to his infection, and dies face down in the snow.

The base, now abandoned starts to deteriorate. Raiders and vandals come, fires break out. There is little left but a shell, metal debris and bones. The walls and floors are spattered with blood.

Some time later, a lone spacer running from pirates finds the place and takes refuge. Laying on the floor she finds the grenade satchel left by the murdered engineer. She runs to the door and waits – and when the pirates arrive she throws the grenade at the door – blowing it open and killing two of them. The third runs off in a panic.

She strips the pirates looking for anything valuable, and heads to the back of the abandoned outpost. Claiming one small storage room as her own, she sets up a desk, bed and candle – cleans the floors and repairs the door.

Fast forward 6 months. She sports a peg leg from where her leg was shot off by friendly fire. Her two main fighters are both snipers. One of them got his ear shot off, the other one has a facial scar from a fight with a raging elephant, incredible as that might sound.

The doctor just finished cutting off the cook’s toes to stop an infection from frostbite. His wife has a shattered jaw, and can no longer speak.

Solar panels are up and working, and the radio is online. Time to find out who else is out there, and what their angle is.

10/10 – Would desperately hang on for my dear life again.

This game is pretty easy to learn, especially provided with the excellent mechanic-relative helper system that should become every new player’s best friend. However, mastering the game is on its own playing field entirely. The goal of the game is simple, get your colonists off the Rimworld. But the obstacles in between the game’s start and end will make attaining this goal a challenging feat, and will require a lot of micromanagement of everything from raw materials to individual characters’ drug usage. You will grow attached to each and every pawn that joins your colony/tribe and it will be hard to see them go, whether it be from their own indiscretions, or just circumstance that required them to sacrifice themselves for the good of the colony. If you jump into this game with the mindset that it may take you many different playthroughs to actually launch your colonists back into space, then you will have a blast creating and improving on older colony designs. However, if you are someone who desires instant gratification, you will not find it here.
For $30, this game is a steal, and the games’ lead developer, Tynan Sylvester, is always hard at work creating new content for this game, and even in Alpha, this game is very stable and feels pretty much finished. On the same token, the Workshop is also churning out great mods, whether they be for gameplay modifiers, or just ‘quality of life’ mods, meaning it streamlines some of the mechanics that are in the game that do not (at this present time) make a lot of logical sense. The scenario editor before starting a game is great too, especially if you are trying to start the game from a different perspective, and there are hundreds to be found on the Workshop if you are looking for it.
To summarize, RimWorld is a game with a pretty unforgiving learning curve that can be enjoyed if you like to constantly be changing strategy and base layout. At $30 and in Early Access with much more to come from Ludeon Studios, you would be amiss not to take advantage of such a great deal.

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