RimHair Styles Merged A18

MOD Desc
Adds many new hair Style from other mods and a little bit new one from me.
Work with A18

Link to A17 / V17

This mod have now more as 150 New Hairs for RimWorld….. O.O

made only for one thing… have not to many mods for 1thing XD.

Hair Style mods from:
Rimsenal – Rimhair
Xeva’s Rimhair
Spoon’s Hair Mod
Nackblad Inc Rimhair
[SS]Lovely Hair Style
Add Hairs
Vo Hairs
My Cute Ears
Ragnarök Online hairs (RO Hairs)

and 6 new one from me.
3 Female
3 Male

for the one who steal mods but dont ask for use it :
i make all hairs for all nations because i am modern human and belive all nation and people can have the same hairs.

the only thing waht i not change is the gender by hairs but normal for the time gender look hair styles are a bad thing and crap everyone female or male can use the same hairs.. if enough ask to this i make a mod who all hairs are for alle usable.

Modders are not allowed to use any art created by me without my permission.
Reposting of my mods without my permission is not allowed.

Informatioens about cat ears from: My Cute Ears :
the cat ears are the hari not single framed so helmet will over the ears.

Works fine with:
Prepare Carefully

link to old a17 version.
(by problems with A17 say me this with informations)

Add Ragnarök Online hairs (RO Hairs) .
update to v18

fixs a deletet grafik from other mod and bring it back.

fix a little grafik

Updated to A17
added My Cute Ears

added 2 new hair mods.
Add Hairs
Vo Hairs

Add the new hairs from the updated other mods. thx for say me he have updated.
added Lovely haris mod.(or Asien Hairs )
updated to A16.

Theres a couple kancolle theamed mods that adds hair. The one adds weapons and clothing too but the other is just streight hair. Rimcolle is the name of the one the other I need to check tho. Theres gonna be a couple hair styles that overlap between the 2 so not sure what you would do about that

mean not a error you mean a little grafik problem.. and yes this is from original but i fix it now.thanks.from this mods are in this pack no style is delete all is in.but give me a sign when the other bekome new styles so i update to.

Hey author, this is the only hair mod I have enabled and one of the hairs causes characters to have a big pink square on their head, it seems to be the ‘Bushy’ hairstyle, I’ve got no clue which hair mod that comes from but I will put down links below: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=957364872 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=957364924 Could it be that some of the hair mods in here conflict with each other?

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