Salvage Rod CE Patch

MOD Desc
A CE patch for Salvage Rod

The best possible combination of Dwarf Fortress in Space with a heavy space-western Firefly element. This game is everything right with PC gaming in one affordable package, and the community workshop is hyper-active even while the game is in early access. It has everything it says on the box, and a unique feel that really hooks you.

Just get it, and make sure you don’t have to be anywhere important for a few days.

On a side note, my little starting survivor band had an aging beauty queen who refused to do physical labor and treated all the others like trash. Poetic justice was served when a rabid wolf bit her nose off and everyone’s opinions suddenly dropped due to disgust and hatred. There’s that level of detail, and yes, you will insist on telling random strangers about every last bit of it.

Seriously, if you’ve read this far then you’ve missed the important bit. Go get it and make your own story instead of reading all of ours.

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