SS Researchable Stat Upgrades

MOD Desc
Adds stat upgrades that can be researched.

Mining: Improves mining speed. Included Pneumatic Picks research back from Alpha 12 for nostalgia.
Growing: Improves harvest speed and harvest success chance.
Building: Improves construction speed and construct success chance.
Animals: Improves animal gather speed and animal gather chance.
Productivity: Improves move speed and global work speed. Also a repeatable research at the end of the tree
Combat: (courtesy of Swenzi) Improves various stats in combat. (Daniel_USA you were just a bit too late :P)
Medical research: (Courtesy of KingSihv) Improves medical operation speed, quality and success chance.

Nutrient Resynthesis: Nutrient paste dispenser uses 33% less resources. 1000 research points. Also back from Alpha 12
Gun turret cooldown: Gun turrets fire shots in bursts of 4 instead of 3. Also back from Alpha 12
Nutrient flavoring: (name from rageage001) reduces mood debuff of eating mutrient paste meal from -4 to -2.
Psychology: (Courtesy of KingSihv) Prisoner recruit chance increased by 15%
Scanner Efficiency: (Courtesy of KingSihv) long-range mineral scanner takes 50% less time to detect new resource but can appear over wider area
Meat Cut Charts: (Courtesy of KingSihv) more meat yield per animal

FAQ Does this require a new save/colony/world/game/map/thing/stuff/computer/universe to use? No
Can I suggest something? You see the empty spaces in the research tree? Fill them. (Yes)
I’ve found a bug, what do I do? Tell me how you got to the bug, post a screenshot, and backup your save file because I might ask for it
Do you have the stats in detail? Get the mod, you don’t need to do anything, just enter the research screen. If I put it here it might not be up-to-date
My items keep truncating, and it’s really annoying what do I do? Right now the solution is to put Researchable Stat Upgrades higher up in the modlist (Thanks Hinanawi-sama). If that doesnt work join in the bug discussions!

Just a few tips on how to make ideas:
1. Does this really work as a research? Maybe your idea is better to be a special item or a special building, instead of a stat upgrade.
2. Think up of an ideal cost/tech level of your research
3. Think up of a nice name!
4. Where would it go in the research tree?
5. That tree is getting rather full, which means short but sweet researches probably have a higher chance of getting in!

GitHub repo:

  • I double-checked the repeatable productivity research, disabling all other mods; the techs that aren’t repeatable work correctly, but the repeatable one doesn’t.All mods are disabled: Non-repeatable techs researched, repeatable isn’t: Global work speed from research 227%: Repeatable researched once: Global work speed still 227%: Researched twice: Still 227%: This error appears when research is complete, every time:
  • I think a Survivalism tree would be nice. It would probably be its own thing/go near passive coolers. Tier 1 would cost 1000 research, Tier 2 1500, Tier 3 2000, and Tier 4 2500. Tier 1, Gathering and You, ‘Tips to avoid wastefulness. Plant gathering yields +20%.’ Tier 2, What Little We Have, ‘Butchering and cooking advice from across the galaxy. Small animal meat nutrition value +40%.’ Tier 2, Archery: A Timeless Skill, ‘Facts and notes on everything from fletching to shooting. Bow accuracy, all ranges, +10%; aim time -20%.’ Tier 3, Mind Over Matter, ‘Psychological tricks to expand temperature tolerances. Minimum and maximum comfortable temperatures +/-10%.’ Tier 3, Living with Pain, ‘A thesis from psychologist and veteran, General Patrick Warhol of Yuri VI. Scarred colonists gain a higher pain threshold.’ Tier 4, Alone and Scared, ‘The stories of sole survivors. Mood and production buffs for colonies with less than 3 colonists.’
  • I find the movespeed on the productivity upgrades way too high and really annoying. If you have all researches and 3-4 of the repeatable ones your colonists are a blur. Add advanced bionics from EPOE and you get 10-15cs movespeed, mostly because it’s all multiplicative. I suggest halving the 20%/30% upgrades to 10%/15% and removing the 5% on the repeatable research (or reducing it to 1-2%) – don’t forget, multiplicative. I changed the files for myself and I find this much more enjoyable.Also I tend to skip the last (non-repeatable) stack upgrade because also again, it’s multiplicative and 675 is a relatively nice stack size. The issue for me is that I put shelves next to workplaces – for example I have one in the hospital for herbal medicine and one next to the drug lab. With 675 (or more) I have to manually split the medicine between the two because I won’t reasonably reach that much herbal medicine.
  • as far as the lag issues I had, I haven’t figured out what the cause is. I suspect that it’s an incompatibility with something, but I haven’t had time to go through my mod list and figure out which one it is. The other issues I can’t speak to, but while I’ve experienced some of them in the past, I haven’t seen any of them lately. Generally speaking, I haven’t seen a single stack related issue that still comes up if you just ignore that tech tree. No other part of the mod relates to it, it isn’t a research requirement for anything else, and you can go the entire game without touching it. If it really bothers you that much, you could probably copy the steam file into the local Rimworld mod folder and poke around with the code until you disable the research you think is overpowered. I have basically zero coding ability but have been able to do similar things for several mods in the past.

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