Awesome Inventory

MOD Desc
A spiritual successor of RPG Inventory.
It offers a fine grain control on your inventory and a RPG style interface.
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Preview images provided by Kasmex Forever#0915


  • Loadout management, Wish list/Blacklist
    Pawn will actively look for items in wish list and carry them in inventory. Loadout feature can be turn on/off in option.
    Click for detailed explanation
  • Set costume for pawns
    Tell pawn which apparels they should wear. Best Combo: Set costume in AI, assign costume to policy in Better Pawn Control.
  • Hot swap costume
    Pawn can swap their apparel from their inventory. For players who are familiar with Gear up and Go, this feature is like Go and Gear up. Gif showcase[]
  • Wear as many modded apparels as you want
    Awesome Inventory will automatically expand its displaying area to accommodate new apparels
  • Armor stats breakdown
    Hover the armor stats and it will give players a detailed breakdown showing which part of the body is vulnerable!
  • List what you have in inventory
  • Compare Items and set search criteria for items separately
    Players can compare stats of items made of different stuff and set quality level and hit points percentage individually for each selected stuff source.
  • Display relevant information in one place
    Now in gear tab, besides equipment information, it also displays comfortable temperature and traits.
  • Multiple equipping options.
    Pawn can choose to equip the new shiny equipment and keep the old one in their inventory, instead of tossing it on the ground!
  • Colored equipment text by their quality

Wiki More information about this mod for players and modders can be found here,

Supported RimWorld Version

  • v1.1

Mod Load Order

  • Harmony
  • RimWorld/Royalty
  • Other apparel mods
  • Awesome Inventory

If a mod is not mentioned here, its load order doesn’t matter.


  • Should be compatible with most apparel mods (Even with those that define custom body parts).
  • Simple Sidearms (Turn off ‘find and equip weapon’ in Awesome Inventory’s option. It is automatically off for CE players)
  • Smart medicine (Awesome Inventory replaces its Stock-Up Setting)
  • Pick up and Haul
  • CE compatible

How to make custom race compatible: Link[]
If the race you play is by default not compatible with Awesome Inventory, turn on the following option in mod setting,

It is safe to add it to existing save. Before uninstalling, make sure there is no pawn having a job issued by Awesome Inventory, e.g., unload items, pick up or using one of the AI specific equip options. When it is removed, the game will display a list of harmless errors. Save the game again, and everything should work just fine.


  • Q: Why my pawns do not restock items after consuming them?
    A: Pawn has a thinking process, and it takes a little time for them to think. To test if the mod works correctly, fast forward the game and see if pawn restocks missing items.
  • Q: If a pawn is loaded to its maximum mass capacity because of loadout, will it impede its ability to haul?
    A: No. The stat used for Mass and the one used for hauling is different.

Extensibility Modders can add their color theme for displaying quality of items, and it can be done in minutes. Here is how-to[]


Source Github/Release[]

Join me on discord RimWorld[] Search ‘Drowsy Corgi’

Credits Sandy, JonathanTroyer, CE team for the loadout system, Kasmex Forever#0915 – preview’s commissar


  • Chinese Simplified by frenchdixco
  • Chinese Traditional by frenchdixco, shiuanyue
  • Korean by Pu Rn Ha Nl
  • German by Amalek

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Just wanted to leave a final message = )The new save game worked fine because I start on naked brutality. Once I equip anything the Gear menu changed from what it’s suppose to look like to a single slot beneath the player. Other gear slots disappear. If I click the gear icon at the top right of the menu a blank screen opens. The gear list display option only shows one piece of gear/weapon at a time. If you drop it the next piece of gear shows in the list, but always only a single piece.- I reinstalled the game, wiped the mods out of the workshop folder, fresh install, same issue.On another note, the latest game update broke RimHUD for me. It says the mod is loaded and that it’s patching other mods (in debug menus) but it doesn’t show up in game (I tried your mod without RimHUD, same thing). Not sure if I’m the only one experiencing this but it seems the recent game update did something to a few menu mods. I reinstalled the original RPG gear mod. It works fine at the moment.

Okay, I really want to like and use this mod but I had to abandon it.The costumes are a great In conjunction with the Vanilla Expanded series, I can have my scientists throw on lab coats and find more buried minerals when they’re not defending the colony! But customizing every. single. loadout and costume took me FOREVER. I could not for the life of me find an easier way. So many clicks, menus, sub-menus, adjusting things, etc. I feel like I’m missing something.That and the bugs. My goodness. I had one Loadout get stuck and throw an error every time I tried to make any change to it, including delete it. So I was stuck with ‘Jake – Loadout’ as a broken loadout I had to avoid.Then as soon as I got everything set up they all started getting their stuff and their portrait disappeared from the colonist bar! Saving and reloading didn’t restore it, they just vanished. Could obviously still select them from clicking it but having a bunch of empty boxes was not pleasing.

Hey, a blacklist feature to the costume part sounds like a great idea, I was going to suggest a similar thing. I actually like the apparel optimization on parts that are not in the costume list. I am using vanilla apparel expanded and not having to add gloves and boots to every costume simple saves time. I did however run into a problem with the ballistic goggles (also from vanilla apparel expanded i believe). While for flak vest you can designate costumes that wear something else in the slot (like aprons or overalls), you can’t do the same if there is no alternative. The optimization forces my pawns to wear the ballistic goggles if they are in their inventory (because the alternative is nothing) and i can’t force them to wear something else instead (unlike where i can force pawns to wear aprons/overalls instead of flak vests). I would like my pawns to carry the ballistic goggles around but only equip them in case of combat, but i don’t believe this is possible in the current state.

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