Metal Doesn’t Burn

MOD Desc
No really metal really shouldn’t beable to just spontaneously catch fire, at worse it might melt a little and even that shouldn’t be possible with the heat produced by fire in this game. So after spending way to much time on google looking up info on metals and what can burn or at what temp they need to be at to even melt (i’m probably on a watch list now) I have returned here to fix this grievous error made by rimworld to set fire back to its proper place.

With this mod fire will no longer beable to burn down metal walls or doors. To be honest probably should’t beable to burn the stacks of these items either. For specifics Gold, silver, steel, plasteeel, and jade should no longer be burnable.

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  • it would be neat if they took off jackets or something and started beating it out that way, or picking up fabric objects. Finally a use for all the 49% gear i have that I usually just set on fire until it turns into a blazing forest fire that my colonists have to beat out with their bare hands
  • How about instead of not burning, make its flammability low. The ignition temperature of steel is 1500*F (816*C). Plasteel has a flammability of 10%, is it possible to change it to 1% when even on Rimworldwiki it is said that ‘Flammability is a stat: How easily an object catches fire and how strongly it burns.’ Maybe it will make it a little more realistic since some people do get a room to 1000*C, steel would start to melt while also having walls out of plasteel, the material with the most hit points as a non-flammable structure seems overpowered
  • I don’t know whether or not you have been in the Navy, but I can tell you for a fact that metal, especially aluminum or in chemical fires, burns QUITE well.However, if you wanted to make stacks (motlen pools of steel/gold/silver) unburnable, or have burning metals leave behind some stacks, That would completely rock.
  • I would test them, but last time I did that, it kept turning off ALL my mods and setting things up to where I needed to reinstall the whole game to get things working again. So, no, I’m going to ask, especially if its something that works and only needs one number in a file to be changed to not be a problem for me any more. I ask politely, I’m not being a jerk. I also know, people have lives. I’m not being demanding. I’m merely pointing out that I liked this author’s work and would love to be able to continue using it when he or she gets around to making the adjustment.
  • Joker Are you using un-insulated conduits? Because that’s a fire hazard regardless of whatever grade of manufactured steel you mined from a rock.I think these were created because a raider shouldn’t be able to burn down your steel wall with a pocket lighter even with an auto clicker. Also, fire resistant wood doors are rated for the typical house fire… 1200 F …. Steel melts at 1400 C. Also because of game mechanics — your 30 minutes fire resistant wood door is about how long it takes to burn in the actual game. If you’re going to be clever, at least do it correctly.
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