[OLD B19] Animal Gear

MOD Desc
Version 0.9.7 – B19

Rimworld 1.0 (1.0.X) Version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1541438907

B18(0.18.0) Version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1335482979

This mod only enables this to be possible, there are no clothes/gear for animals in this mod. See the ‘Animal Gear: Basic’-mod

Requires at least HugsLib 5.0.0

Load order
// HugsLib
//—-If used—- CombatExtended
// Animal Gear

Makes it possible for animals to have ‘gear’ / clothes like normal colonists.

What they should wear can be set through outfits in the animal tab (like normal colonists). The animals go and equip the items on their own after that (if they can reach them etc. like colonists).

You can set ‘Nudist’ or dissallow items and they will take them off (sometimes you have to edit the ‘Nudist’ outfit when adding new clothes-mods).

I always felt that something like this was missing and it was very hard to have animals participate in an attack without to much of a risk of beeing hurt or dying

Short tutorial: ‘How to make gear’:
– Get the mod ‘Animal Gear Basic’ to have an example.

– To get an item in the game, you only need the XML with the item-infos and the matching textures
(a basic one for the item on the ground and 3 per animal)
– Important parts in the XML:

1. For which bodypart is this piece of clothing for example wolfs: ‘AnimalGearHelperBodies_Animal_Quadruped.xml_Info’
one item of clothing can only be for animals that all have this bodypart!
<groups> <li>Neck</li> </groups> and then in your XML:
<bodyPartGroups> <li>Neck</li> </bodyPartGroups>
2. This defines that this is an item only for animals and which specific animals can use this item,
in this case the timber and artic wolf (each needs a set of textures, even if they are in this case the same)
You can find the excact names in ‘RimWorldModsCoreDefsThingDefs_Races’
and in this case ‘Races_Animal_WildCanines.xml’ <defName>WolfTimber</defName>
<tags> <li)Animal</li> <li)WolfArctic</li> <li)WolfTimber</li>… </tags>
– There is a texture at ‘ModsAnimalGearHelperItemName.png’
that can be helpful to see how the item shows up on the animal or as a placeholder when testing

– As animals don’t have seperate head-textures, clothes have to be drawn different then for pawns
(see ‘dogscarf_Husky_south.png’ for example)

(If you have different life-stage or female graphics defined,
the mod looks for them first like this [normalDefName]_[lifeStageIndex]_female
for example ‘item_WolfTimber_0_north.png’ instead of normally ‘item_WolfTimber_north.png’
for the youngest version otherwise it uses the normal texture. You still need to define all 3 textures for this variant!

– I did some testing and it seems to be ok for me: My load order:HugsLibAnimal GearAnimal Gear BasicAnimal LogicGiddy-up! CoreGiddy-up! CaravanGiddy-up! Ride and RollGiddy-up! Battle Mounts(With the grizly and polar bear)Otherwise you could test it with a new game and prepare carefully to quickly have a bear and armor (maybe there is something with the save).

thanks for replies. I’ll parse most of this once I’m back from classes and continue proper work then. The protection from the armor in question neither shows up on gear-tab nor actually protects the Drake when shot; I made sure it wasn’t something finicky with the animal itself by giving it natural armor and taking a few shots. I’ll try putting the mod up online now for testing.

– I had another look at it: You need to have to have the matching tags inside the def of the animal – for example:—Body————— Torso——You could just edit the animal def if you just mod this for yourself – but a better way is to patch it with you mod, like I do for the normal animals ‘ModsAnimalGearPatchesBodies_Animal_Quadruped.xml’ for example (patching is a bit more advanced but you should be able to copy what I am doing mostly) the first ‘PatchOperationSequence’ checks if the ” is on the body-part and if not adds it the ‘PatchOperationAdd’ adds ‘Torso’ to the body-parts

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