One Big Family

MOD Desc
Have you been waiting years and years for your brother-in-law to show up and he just walks past, just to be never seen again? Plot twist!

One Big Family solves this problem by changing the odds! Everyone is related… somehow, right!?

That spacer you found in a 2000 year old casket? Plot twist! Turns out to be the son you never knew of!
Just settled down, built a little house with your wife and kids? Plot twist! Your step-mother comes on a visit with your secret lover who is also your wife’s daughter to sell you dog meat!
Getting raided by a horde of savages? Plot twist! They brought their whole family tree, including your evil sister who turns out to be their leader AND grand mother!

After all, we’re now One Big Family!

Instructions You can customize this mod in the mod options. This mod changes what happens when a new pawn is created (existing pawns are only affected passively).
The new pawn will receive a random amount of relationships that are ‘plausible’ according to vanilla rules. The relationships will be with other pawns. If you have ‘allow colonists’ on, these can be your pawns as well.

Note: You can also use this mod to LOWER the chance that a pawn has existing relationships.

Previous versions can be found HERE[].

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  • So far I am using it with Cult, Werewolf , Vampires, Arachnophobia and MAI mods besides the Android 2.0 and the freeze only occure with the Android faction when they arrive the rest of the time it is free of any kind of freezes.Time will tell if it can or if it need a entire compatebility mod instead to exclude those races instead of adding them to the base mod. with out half-breeds of them it makes more sense to exclude them for those that are not of the race but it would feel less satesfing to not find that your daugther is now part of the android faction even though you are human.But the Android mod seems to have a still time or it might be abandon as it has some massive bugs either way…Even if you start as the race it does not stop the freeze When one from the NPC Android faction ingame arrives with a caravan or just traders of them if they are related.
  • Ahh please Orion 🙂 please updated it I actually use it every second or so colony just because it it can increase the problems and funny moments to a big degree 😉 I actually have it on right now in this a16 play it does seems to work but in a less degree ( like the factions that you have from the begining ) My own start this time around… The one with the glitterworld settler does of cause not have much connection 🙂 If you discount her having her ex-husband as faction leader for the pirate and a daughter as a faction leader for a town that trades with me ;)Then 2 sisters : one was runaway the other was chasing her sister ( both now happy lives with me ) they have extensive families with the other factions a couple of nieces and cusines that have raided.
  • well in my case the only freezes I see is ‘Call of Cthulhu – Factions’ or ‘Android’ race caravans or groups arrrive.In ‘Call of Cthulhu – Factions’ is it is simply the heavy amount of people( no less then 5 people at the time for a trade caravan and plus 3 to 5 for normal passing though) that spawns at the same time ones one of them has 5 relations. with both those in the groups and with two of my people so that cause a bit of a freeze but cleared up after a while.Android is a diffirent beast I am simply not sure because it locks up if I use it with this mod. I think it is because it is a diffirent race and it gives the mod some problems assigning relationship with non androids ? though that is just a guess.
  • Was setting up a modded playthrough, and I too experienced massive freezes when a trade caravan would enter the map and when i first implemented the mod trade caravans that were already there would cease moving and huddle in one spot. Rim of Madness vampires and One Big Family definitely cause conflicts between each other. Anyways great mod, I just wanted to report this bug of sort. Exception ticking hediff (ROM_Vampirism ticksSinceCreation=1) for pawn Raven. Removing hediff.Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an objectat Vampire.HediffVampirism.PostTick () at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.Pawn_HealthTracker.HealthTick_Patch1 (object)
  • This is the only mod of Orion that I do not like, and I like his other ones A LOT.It causes an endless supply for mayhem and hair pulling to me, whenever the grand nephew, the daughter in law, the father, the mother, the grand parents, their neighbours and the family’s dog (just kidding about the last two ones) appear among the raiders and I have to kill them.One of my colonists (a former Pirate) stayed at 0 mood (constant extreme break risk) for 30 days, digging up corpses and lifting them to the dining room, pigging on food (precious on an ice sheet), on drugs, breaking furniture and sunlamps, and generally showing obnoxious to everyone.She was on constant therapy (thanks to Orion’s other mod), basically removing two pawns from the work force of my base.I guess it was funny and good for the stories, but as a friendly heads up I wouldn’t recommend it for extended use in a serious game of Rimworld.
  • Actually, it’s not really the fault of your mod. Its base concept is sound. I would be VERY interested in expanding relationships as your mod does if we had a healthier vanilla ‘social system’ working.As it stands now (and as I understand it), it’s just not interesting to interact with someone with many relationships. The best outcome, which is neutral, happens when you’re allied with their faction (which is impossible to achieve with pirates btw), but it requires an investment (of time) which the game doesn’t reward you for.On the other hand, the game is prompt to punish you for daring to recruit someone who usually starts with a (much) higher resistance, and borderline trolls you with a double punishment for defending against a ‘lover’/’family member’/etc. and also a ‘friend’ of theirs. Talk about loyalties.To my knowledge, there are no special events for example if you recruit the daughter of a faction leader, or even the faction leader themselves. (1/2)

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