Westerado [.18]

MOD Desc


Westerado is designed to be a vanilla-extension mod adding more western-themed weapons, apparel and items.

The mod was designed with Combat Extended in mind but will work without it. If you’re interested in playing with Combat Extended (and we highly suggest you try it out) a link to the mod that makes this mod compatible with it can be found below.

Features 21+ New western-themed weapons, ranging from six shooters to double-barrelled shotguns
13+ New sets of apparel, don new hats and ponchos as you struggle to survive on the frontier
6+ New buildings, from small poker tables to pianos
6 New hairstyles, look the part of a legendary frontiersman
2 New animals
New faction of Outlaws, dangerous early game but peters off as Pirate factions become stronger
New faction, First Nation, stronger than tribals, can be friendly
New art tale system for weapons added in this mod, featuring more western-themed descriptions where applicable
New traits and sources of joy to go along with your new found passion for the wild west lifestyle
2 Western themed scenarios, embrace the frontier
More secret stuff!

We’re also planning on releasing future content updates!

Got any questions? Ask them in the comments and we’ll answer them when we can. Got any suggestions? Feel free to post them in the aptly named forum post (helps us keep suggestions in one place), and we’ll respond as to the suggestion’s feasibility when we can.

Add-ons We suggest using all the add-ons, but none of them are required.

Mod loading order Westerado does well at the bottom-end of the mod load order.

Compatibility Should be compatible with most things. Things that could cause problems:

  • Complete conversion mods
  • Mods that make alteration to Rimworld’s tale system
  • Mods that make radical changes to research

Have you found a compatibility issue? Please inform us in the comments and we’ll try to patch it when we can! Make sure to include a list of mods you’ve used and any potential error messages.


  • Q: When using all of your mods I’m getting errors, what gives? A: You’re probably not using all the required mods. Westerado Gunslinger requires Combat Extended. Westerado Provisions and Westerado Wilderness requires Vegetable Garden, Vegetable Garden Drinks, and Vegetable Garden Gourmet. Links to required mods can be found in respective submods.

Soyuz – XML, Artwork
DanRatherman – Artwork
SpiderCamp – Artwork

Inspiration from:
Apparello 2 by Shinzy

If you’re looking for something like this but slightly different you can checkout the Rimworld Westernization Project by JackeryFox and Tamias.

Licensing All original content (e.g. text, imagery, sounds) in this mod is licensed under the All original content (e.g. text, imagery, sounds) in this mod is licensed under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license[creativecommons.org].

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  • Exception in RimWorld.ThinkNode_Priority_GetJoy TryIssueJobPackage: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range.Parameter name: indexat System.Collections.Generic.List`1.get_Item (int) at Verse.DefMap`2.get_Item (RimWorld.JoyKindDef) at RimWorld.JoyToleranceSet.get_Item (RimWorld.JoyKindDef) at (wrapper dynamic-method) RimWorld.JobGiver_GetJoy.TryGiveJob_Patch1 (object,Verse.Pawn) at Verse.AI.ThinkNode_JobGiver.TryIssueJobPackage (Verse.Pawn,Verse.AI.JobIssueParams) at Verse.AI.ThinkNode_Priority.TryIssueJobPackage (Verse.Pawn,Verse.AI.JobIssueParams) I also can’t get my colonist to get joy. help author
  • main problem we hear when someone’s game won’t run is that they’re not using all the mods REQUIRED to run some of the addons. If you use Westerado Gunslinger YOU NEED Combat Extended. If you’re using Westerado Provisions and Westerado Wilderness YOU NEED Vegetable Garden + Vegetable Garden Drinks + Vegetable Garden Gourmet.Links to all these mods can be found in the Westerado submods that require them (on the right hand side).
  • Man (Alfons)We’ll fix this.MenaceYes.haven’t tested those mods yet but they do look great. Tamias the creator of it I believe said was open to working with us, but in the future due to his busy schedule at the moment. So for now any issues caused by running both our mods will probably remain unresolved. Maybe when 1.0 of Rimworld comes out we’ll release patches to make our mods work together.Small announcement: we’re working on a new passion project for Rimworld so updates for Westerado will slow down and probably mostly be patches, less new content. If you’d be interested in joining us on this new project: stay tuned!
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